Standing in the Breach

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Scripture reading: 2 Chronicles 7:14

One day I said to God, “Lord, help me! Help Jamaica!” God said, “Will you stand in the breach?” Amen. Do you know that you are standing in the breach for many people? The life of the whole world is depending on a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and a peculiar people at this very time. It is hard to believe and many people don’t believe it. But you have a boy, and the boy will not obey you. You say, “Don’t do so and so!” He says, “Well, I am a man. I can do what I want to and you are not responsible.” Do you know what happens? Down the road, when he gets into trouble, he comes right back to you. The whole trouble and everything is laid at your feet. You are responsible.

God made me responsible for Jamaica. I asked Him about it. I said, “Lord?” He said, “If My people who are called by My name.” WATCH IT, NOW! Beware of what you lay hands on, because the moment you lay hands on it, you become responsible for it. “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face…” (2 Chronicles 7:14). He said He would hear from Heaven and what would He do? He would forgive your sins. In other words, He would make you a priest and heal your land. Don’t you understand? But then, turn it in the converse. If My people – that “if” there is a terrible thing – do not seek My face, do not humble themselves, do not pray, I will not heal their land.

I want you to turn with me to Leviticus 14. If we don’t go into the Old Testament, we won’t see certain things that we need to know. I talked to you about the boy, the child before. I have had some of them to deal with. They refuse to obey rules, refuse to walk in Christ, refuse to do righteousness. “I am a man. I can do what I want,” and then the trouble comes down. To this day we are under the pressure of the trouble because there are some things that you can do in life that are everlasting. When you went to that girl and told her you loved her and wanted her to marry you, you made an everlasting covenant. You had better not think of how to get out of it, because it is everlasting. So you can do some things that are everlasting.

Now therefore, there are certain sins that are committed in the world that cannot be abrogated, the people cannot get deliverance unless somebody else rises up and takes responsibility for it. I am going to give you a story.

One time my sister-in-law got polio and was dying. My mother called me the news and I started fasting. I called the whole church to fast. Monday morning we got into fasting and as I knelt down, an angel came before me. He said, “Hold this.” He gave me a handle to hold and kind of pulled it like it had some extension. He went one measure, then he went another, and I was following him. When we got to the crossroads, about two or three miles from where we started, he stopped. He looked back at me and said, “Who is going to pay for this?” When he did that, my heart just leapt with fright. But I said, “I will.” He said, “All right,” and kept going. We got to the university hospital, which was seventy miles away. My sister-in-law was lying in the bed contorted up. The angel went in, took a shaft and pushed it right down into her chest. Then he turned to me and said, “Okay.” I knew I had to push it so I did and said, “In the name of Jesus!” The woman jumped up into the ceiling and was totally healed.

Now, what kind of a payment? Why did I have to pay for it? In a spiritual sense, all the demons – hear me, now – all the demons that were on her CAME ON ME, and if I didn’t have the virtue of God to get rid of them, I would be like her. Glory to God! Amen.

When you are called unto the priesthood of God, you are called unto suffering. Wife, if your husband is not walking in God, you are called to suffer and to bring him to his knees by the power of Almighty God to serve God. God says that “the Kingdom of God suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force” (Matthew 11:12). If you don’t mean what you are doing, get out of the business! Too many people are content for their neighbors to go to hell. You are content for the people around to go to hell. You see them every day and within a few years, a lot of them will be in hell, and you are having your breakfast every morning. Don’t you understand? God has created a people for the saving and the deliverance of the world. Somebody said, “But Jesus Christ died to save them. We don’t have to do anything.” Well, God said that you would be like Him. The more that you get like Jesus, the more responsibility that you have for everything that happens around you, for God has created a people to CHANGE the world.

(Excerpt from Keeping in Touch, February 2007, pg. 38-39)

Thought for today: God has created a people for the saving and the deliverance of the world. God has created a people to change the world.

A New Order of Priesthood

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Scripture reading: Exodus 19:6, 2 Peter 2:9

Do you know that when you lay hands on a person that you are actually putting your life on the line for that person? Did you know that is what it means? Did you know that God made the people of Israel lay their hands on the priest and confess their sins over him, and their sins left them and went into the priest? Amen. You know, I have seen it happen. We had situations where brothers laid their hands on people but they didn’t have the spiritual virtue or energy to counteract the thing that was in that person and it came back upon them.

One day, we were called up into a mountain top to go pray for a woman who was possessed with some devil. We all left to go but this young man took a short-cut through the bushes and got up there first. What he wanted to have was the glory of being the person who delivered the woman. If you have those kinds of things in you, keep away from demons. They will kill you because they can spot a wrong thought anywhere. The boy ran up there. He laid his hands on the woman. When we got there, his hand was crippled, withered; and we never got him better. He started having epileptic seizures and had them until he died. We could not bring deliverance to him.

You have to beware of how you lay hands. Do you remember in Hebrews 6:1, Paul speaks of the “laying on of hands” as part of our foundation doctrine? You need to have that foundation doctrine well secured in your foundation. Because in the laying on of hands, you are actually accepting unto yourself the problem that the person has.

There was a woman in the Bible that had the issue of blood. You can imagine that it was some sin that gave her that issue. Now-a-days we might say it was some sort of venereal disease. She grabbed the hem of Jesus’ garment and Jesus said, “I felt virtue come out of Me” (Mark 5:25-33). Do you realize that when you lay hands on a person, you are giving out virtue? YES! He said, “I felt virtue come out of Me.” His disciples said, “But everybody is touching You and rubbing up against You.” Jesus responded, “No, no. Something else: there was a deliberate action that pulled the virtue out of Me.” Do you know what action it was? Faith. The woman believed it! I am telling you – you do not know how strong faith is!

FAITH! By FAITH then, we are going to fit the bill of God – not because we are righteous, not because we are pretty, not because we are good, not because we are better than anybody else – BUT BECAUSE WE BELIEVE WHAT GOD SAYS. He will make you a royal priesthood.

Now, God created the priesthood to be a mediator between God and man. Do you know that is what a priest is? When Jesus Christ came, Jesus became the mediator between God and us. So, the priesthood was abolished. But then, He said He had a new priesthood after the order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 7:11). Who is this Melchizedek?

Abraham went to battle and he overcame the five kings of Sodom and Gomorrah. When he was coming back, there came a man to him. Abraham said, “Who are you?” The man said that He was the king of Salem (Genesis 14:18-20) and Abraham recognized that it was God and gave Him a tenth of all, his tithes. You know, I always wondered what God did with it. Maybe He just put it up into smoke or something. But Abraham gave it to this King of Salem; and Salem is Jerusalem. Yes! City of peace! So this situation brings us into something new – a new order of priesthood has been created.

(Excerpt from Keeping in Touch, February 2007, pg. 36-38)

Thought for today: By faith we are going to fit the bill of God – because we believe what God says. He will make us a royal priesthood.


This message entitled “Zion“ was given by Brother Cecil duCille in Illinois on May 17, 1977.

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God’s Treasure

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Scripture reading: Exodus 19:3-6

Today we are going to read in the Old Testament some of the promises that God gave to Israel, which promises Paul gave to the Church. Let’s turn to Exodus 19.

Exodus 19:3, “And Moses went up unto God, and the LORD called unto him out of the mountain, saying, Thus shalt thou say to the house of Jacob, and tell the children of Israel.” Why would God say “Jacob” and “Israel”? Isn’t Jacob Israel? But Israel is not Jacob. Jacob means the carnal Jew, and in scripture, for us, we translate it as the carnal Christian. Israel is then the whole Church. So, He wants to speak to the carnal Jew, the carnal Christian, and to the whole church.

Verse 4, “Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself.” We can see from this verse that our destination is Christ. He is bringing us unto Himself. It sounds very selfish, but I love when God is selfish, because He is bringing me unto Himself. That means that I am going to melt into Him and am going to become a part of God. Can you imagine that? God is promising a people that He will redeem them from their naturalness, from their carnality, and bring them unto Himself.

Verse 5-6, “Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure… and an holy nation. 6…These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.”

We love treasure. I think if a treasure came here now and they put it down outside and said that anybody who could get out there first would get as much as they could take, this place would be emptied in a short space of time. Everybody would run out to get some treasure. Have you ever thought about what God counts to be valuable? We count money. We count gold as the epitome of money. So we count gold, and God counts you as His treasure! In other words, YOU make God rich. That is the value of humanity before God. He says, “You are My treasure.” He says, “I will take you as a peculiar,” not just an ordinary little stone, but as a peculiar “treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine.”

(Excerpt from Keeping in Touch, February 2007, pg. 36)

Thought for today: Remember if you obey God’s voice and keep His covenant, you will be a peculiar treasure unto Him above all people.

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Scripture reading: Hebrews 10:1

God wrote things in the Bible for the Jews. He talked to them and He showed them life. He made certain promises to them, everlasting promises. Now, let me ask you: can you make an everlasting promise to a person or a thing that is not everlasting? How would you like that? My mother used to say, “It is like a side pocket to a dog.” Give dog two beautiful side pockets – he has no hands. God would not make an everlasting promise to a people who were not everlasting!

For a long time, we could not differentiate between what the Old Testament and the New Testament were saying. But God did something. He sent a man named Paul, and that man studied. He was a doctor of Old Testament law. He knew all about the law. Then all of a sudden, God knocked him down on the road to Damascus while he was going to persecute Christians, and took him unto Himself. He went fourteen years out into the desert to understand what God was doing. He didn’t just jump up and start preaching. Fourteen years; and after the fourteen years, he came to teach the Church what God had been saying in the Old Testament as against the New.

Now, the Old Testament is what we call the “shadow.” You cannot have a shadow unless you have a substance. You must have light, you must have substance and then it casts a shadow. So therefore, the shadow is there, the substance is here, and the light is here. If you come towards the substance, when you meet the substance, then you don’t have to look at the shadow again. But if you cannot understand the substance, you will look at the shadow and you will see an arm sticking out. You will say, “He has an arm,” and you will know exactly where the arm is because that is where the shadow is.

(Excerpt from Keeping in Touch, February 2007, pg. 36)

Thought for today: If you don’t understand the substance of life in Christ, look at the shadows in the Old Testament and you will be able to see it.

Spiritual Heights

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Scripture reading: Romans 8:1-9

In the natural we think of high heights as being above our heads, going up. In the spiritual, height still means above our heads, but above humanity, going up from humanity. We are in a zone between Heaven and hell, between light and darkness. We are the only creatures who are in this realm. We have the privilege of going up into light, brighter, brighter, brighter, brighter or going down into darkness, darker, darker, darker, darker. One time God gave me a word that we are in a twilight zone. We are in a zone where humanity can become devils. You can go so low that you become a devil, and you can get so high that you become an angel of God. I don’t need to preach to you to tell you that you can see that some men have already received the “mark of the beast.” God made man spirit, soul and body. The spirit connects you with God’s Spirit, so it is pulling you up. The soul is in the middle, and the spirit is connected to the soul, but the soul lives in a body, and the body is connected to the earth. So while one is pulling down, the other is pulling up. Every human being is in a position to choose whether he wants to go down or up. The mark of the beast is when one deliberately goes down eradicating their God conscience.

So, in my understanding, when I talk about the “rapture,” I am talking about getting higher with God, and getting so high with Him that you get out of the natural and into the spiritual completely, like where Jesus Christ was. He said, “…the Son of man which is in Heaven” (John 3:13b). You can experience Heaven right here. Hallelujah! Or, you can experience hell. You come into a meeting and the meeting is either “low down” flat on the ground, or you see it rising, rising, rising, rising, and coming up to a level that your mind is compassed with heavenly things, rather than with earthly things. Amen.

God took a nation, a people, and it is not because this people were better than other people, or more numerous than others, but God chose this people, and you cannot quarrel with God. So when God chooses you, you have nothing to say about it. It is not because you are any good thing that God chooses you. “I am pretty and God chose me because of my beauty.” Nothing of the kind. God chooses you because God chooses you, and there is nobody, nothing that can give an answer or a reason why God chose the Jews EXCEPT that He chose one man, and that man was very faithful. They called him the “Father of the faithful” and he became the father of a nation of people. That nation of people affected the whole earth, so that, whereas the earth was going down-down-down into hell, that nation begin to give principles and they began to rise up.

Now, the difference between a beast and a man is that your spirit is subject to God’s Spirit. It has a pull on you, and your soul is attached to your spirit. There is a love and a binding, a marriage, yet to be consummated between your spirit and your soul because there is a third man coming in and this third person is the body; and the body wants to marry the soul. But God said to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life (Romans 8:6). So a tug-of-war goes on and any side that you go on, that is the side that is going to win. If you become carnal, you are going down. If you remain spiritual, you are going up.

(Excerpt from Keeping in Touch, February 2007, pg. 35)

Thought for today: Today, we want to encourage you to be spiritual, and to turn your mind to the things of God.

Redeem the Time

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By Mavis M. duCille

April 1981

Scripture reading: Ephesians 5:16

Over the years the Lord, from time to time, drops little nuggets into my heart, which are always of great blessing as I press on in Him. Many times they throw greater light on a subject, and sometimes are just words of encouragement.

We are aware that the word of God has dimensions: Ephesians 3:18 speaks of the “breadth and length, and depth, and height.”

The Lord spoke to my heart on “redeeming the time” found in Ephesians 5:16, not at all in the same sense I once understood it, but from the standpoint of reclaiming that which we have lost through decadence of the age – “because the days are evil.”

God is calling a people who will not conform to the decay of the age and the falling away from righteousness, but will take another look at the PLUMBLINE and fall in line with Him instead of with the world style.

There is a current of passivity, laxity and sheer ennui sweeping through the halls of Christianity in this hour, which will engulf all those whose eyes are not fixed on the righteousness which Jesus established in HIS CHURCH.

“The kingdom of God is… RIGHTEOUSNESS, and PEACE, AND JOY in the Holy Ghost.” Romans 14:17.

The world has invaded Christendom, thus the striking evidence of spiritual pollution: deceived with empty words.

May God help us to redeem the time, restoring true holiness and righteousness in our whole life. Notwithstanding the fact that there is a price to pay, God has given us grace in abundance.

The exhortation of the whole chapter is that we be imitators of Christ as beloved children: walk in love as Christ loved us, turn from immorality, impurity, etc. “No… man… who is an idolater hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.” Ephesians 5:5.

Let us walk as children of light, for the fruit of light is found in all those who are good and right and true. Light makes everything visible. Praise God!

In every age, God has raised up those who will hear and obey Him, thus redeeming their time. There was Noah in his time, Enoch in his, Elijah and Elisha, John the Baptist, and then Jesus came. He paid the supreme price – made such a restoration, bringing redemption – this second Adam. He had perfect command over the fish of the sea, trees of the field, sickness and diseases, and established a generation – the 42nd generation (Matthew 1:17) – making us sons of God, begotten by Jesus Christ, bringing man into union with Himself and the Father. See John 14:23, 17:21, James 1:18.

Let us, therefore, look carefully how we walk, not as unwise men, but as wise, REDEEMING THE TIME. Be not caught in the evil of our day, but draw from the Spirit that nature of God, seeking to know the will of the Father. Then out of our hearts and lives will flow the richest blessings to others. “Thou canst not then be false to any man” (Shakespeare).

The greatest weapon Satan uses against God’s people is division.

We praise God, that as we submit to the working of the Spirit with us, our corruptible nature is being changed from death to life. Finally we will emerge in His likeness, that when He appears we shall be like Him.

(Excerpt from Nuggets for the Needy, pg. 1-3)

Thought for today: In every age, God has raised up those who will hear and obey Him, thus redeeming their time.