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Scripture reading: Mark 12:30

God says in John 14:15, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.”

This is the first rule we were given, the first law: Love God. “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength.” (Mark 12:30) In order to love God, you must love Him as number one in your life; that is what He means. In other words, God is not saying that you have a mighty capacity to love like God loves. Your love might be like a little thimble in comparison to a big ocean, but if you put God first, if God is number one in your life, then you love God as much as God wants you to love Him. Do you understand? God is not asking you to do any impossible tasks. All He is asking you to do is to love Him as number one.

A little girl once said, “I love you, I love you way up in the sky.” Amen. She knew above her head was Number One. God wants you to have Him as number one.

Brethren, let us think about “number one” for a while. Many times God takes second place in our lives because we have other things that we count more important. The reason why you come to the meetings is not because you didn’t have anything else to do. Many of us have many other things to do and we could do them, we could enjoy these other things, but because we have a priority upon one thing, then we use the time to do that one thing. Sometimes you are tired; sometimes you are upset; sometimes you are in no condition to come to service, but to you it is important and so you sweep everything away and put it as number one. But there are other times when number one is something else for us. We are temper-mental – sometimes God is number one in our lives and sometimes He is not. We need to have a steady understanding. I would encourage you to take the Bible and read the law of the firstfruits. God has placed this law in the Bible because through it He is telling you that He should be number one. So whereas the Israelites would have firstfruits once a year, or in case of animals several times a year when the animals had their offspring, you have it every day. Your firstfruit is an everyday thing that God is giving you.

Every morning you say, “God…” When you go to bed at night you say, “God…” At midday it is, “God…” It is “God…” all through the day. If you notice the scripture says in Daniel that Daniel used to pray every morning, every midday and every evening. The Jews were taught to pray in the morning and at sunset. You are in a different order; you are called to something entirely different. God said, “Pray without ceasing.” It means that when you are going to do so and so, you say, “God…be with me.” You start to think about something and you say, “God…” Even in your dreams you will dream God first because it is ingrained, it is marked, it is carved in you like a carving on a chair. It is cut in, carved into your consciousness and your soul will come out with the brand of Jesus first. That is, if you continue to practice God first.

(Excerpt from Led of the Spirit, Foundational Teachings #077)

Thought for today: In order to love God, you must love Him as number one in your life.

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Scripture reading: Judges 15:9-17

Let us look at the following story today: Samson, after destroying the corn fields of the Philistines, went into a rock Etam, stayed there and the Philistines came to arrest him. I trust you understand that I am not talking about Samson. What am I talking about then? I am talking about the church hiding in the rock. And I am talking about the brethren of the church who give up the others. Some of us give up the others. Some of us are weak, afraid of the enemy. The Israelites went up, arrested Samson and delivered him to the Philistines; the church delivering up church.

So the Israelites bound Samson with new cords, took him down and delivered him over to the Philistines so that the Philistines would not hurt them. The church system is about ready to deliver those who are different from them, who won’t conform to their ways. Deliver them up to the world to be destroyed.

Samson went down bound before the Philistines. The Philistines began to celebrate their victory and God said, “They shouted against Samson and against God.” I want you to understand that a shout symbolizes a certain going forth of energy in whatever you are doing. They were praising their god for giving them Samson. Now remember that I am not talking about Samson. They shouted against him and the Bible recorded that when they shouted, God came upon him. In other words, Samson needed a move of God to move. God is saying that we need the move and when we feel the move, we must move. When this move hit Samson, the Bible said that the ropes were burned as if by fire. The fire of the Holy Ghost is going to lose your bands and set you free. And when your bands are loosed, you must know what to do; you must do the right thing. The first thing Samson did was to look around for a weapon, something to fight with. There was an old dead jackass. His bones were bleached white, bleached dry bones, and there was his jawbone.

Let us look at the spiritual meanings of all this: Samson means the body of Christ; the rope is the bondage that they have put upon us; His brethren are the other Christians who don’t like us. So what is the jawbone of an ass?

Your Bible is a beautiful, marvelous book. There is no book like it in the world. When you read your Bible, you know it could not be written by a man. Moreover, there were several men that God used to write it and there was no way those men could have gotten together to discuss it, because they lived in different ages of time. Go in your Bible and read about the jackass. The first reference I can think of is in the law – the firstfruits belong to God. You must take the firstfruits of your field and carry them to God. You must take the first animal you have from the doe, or she-ass, or anything else and it belongs to God. But God doesn’t want a jackass to be offered up as a sacrifice. So what do you do with the jackass? You redeem it with a lamb. If you don’t redeem the ass, then you must break its neck, because it belongs to the Lord.

When you take that right along, you will see that the ass is referring to you. We are the ass and God says that “out of the mouth of babes and suckling He hath ordained strength” (Psalm 8:2). In the end time, God shows a picture of a sharp two-edged sword coming out of the mouth of the church and destroying his enemy. In Revelation 11 we see the two witnesses and the fire, the word of their mouth, was coming out to destroy their enemies. So you want to know now what the jawbone of a jackass is? God is talking about our mouth! Oh, yes! Samson said, “With the jawbone of an ass, heaps upon heaps, with the jaw of an ass have I slain a thousand men.” (Jg 15:16) The ass is redeemed. The ass was bleached dry bone, but it was redeemed by Samson picking it up in the name of the Lord. And he slew 1,000 men with the jawbone of an ass.

So we see God doing something in our time. Samson couldn’t do anything unless the Lord came down on him. God had to give him a special anointing for every job he was going to do. Brethren, it is the same with you. If you think that you can get up and run out there and do your own thing, you are making a sad mistake. We must have that special anointing of God to do what we need to do, but we have to understand that He has certain rules by which the anointing is given and we must go by these rules.

(Excerpt from Led of the Spirit, Foundational Teachings #077)

Thought for today: God has certain rules by which the anointing is given and we must go by these rules.

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By Mavis M. duCille

Scripture reading: Isaiah 5:1, 2, 7

In different cultures, and at different times in the history of the world, men have changed their basis of assessing value. For example, in the time of Job, riches were counted by the amount of cattle and servants one had. We, therefore, have the tendency to think that the things which are precious to us are also precious to God. But this is not true, unless we have the mind of Christ.

As man would now count gold in this modern age, even so does God count His people, and their increase SPIRITUALLY is a precious thing to His heart. Any other form of prosperity outside of spiritual prosperity means very little to God.

The picture which we see in Isaiah 5:1, 2 and 7 depicts the very heart of God, and the whole purpose for which He made man: “…the men of Judah, His pleasant plant.”

James 5:7b, “Behold the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain.”

The fruit comes before the harvest. God’s intent and purpose from His first planting of Adam and Eve was to bring forth His glory in the earth. “Be fruitful and multiply” and have “dominion over the earth” – fruitful, bringing forth godliness, and dominion in righteousness and holiness, not worldly dominion. God tended His vineyard from Adam to Enoch, through the age of the Law and the Prophets: Moses and Elijah, to Jesus Christ.

What was lost in Adam was regained in Christ. He showed perfect and complete subjection to the will of the Father in all things. The first manifestation of this restoration and showing forth of the perfect will of the Father was seen on the mount in His three-phased temptation.

1. Making stone into bread – type of which was to satisfy the human nature.

2. “All this power will I give thee” – the craving after power.

3. “Cast thyself down” – self-exaltation and satisfying of ego – showmanship.

Jesus was put to the test, but stood on the authority of the Word and overcame in each case, as Satan could find nothing in Him. In Jesus’ dealing with people, His love and compassion, His care for the little children, He pleased the Father in all things. In Him, we see perfect fruit bearing which pleases God. There was no place that Jesus went where there was a lack of this showing forth of fruit unto God in His life.

As He was in the earth, so are we to be. Through the effectual working of the Spirit, fruit bearing takes on a new dimension wherein the soul of man is transformed from his vile nature and brought into conformity to the image of Christ.

Jesus Christ, our Lord, established a church built upon the apostles and prophets. He laid down all the necessary foundations for its continuation as a fruit bearing institution, but so many churches have been deceived, even in the concept of what fruit bearing is. One denomination believes it is winning souls, and another that it is the gifts of the Spirit. ABUNDANT FRUIT is abundantly exuding the life and character of Jesus Christ in our daily living.

The whole creation is waiting in pain for that manifestation of the church, of that abundance of life in Christ coming forth, but individuals have to be delivered from “the foxes” (little or big), the “caterpillars and cankerworms” which destroy the vine and retard the increase.

John 15:1-2, 4-5, 7-8:

  1. “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.
  2. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.
  3. Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.
  4. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.
  5. If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.
  6. Herein is my Father glorified, that YE BEAR MUCH FRUIT; so shall ye be my disciples.”


“For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth.” Ephesians 5:9.

(Excerpt from Nuggets for the Needy, pages 100-103)

Thought for today:The last two scriptures give us an insight into what the increase which God expects is, and how they are obtained – not in our good deeds for God or our imaginations, but in GOODNESS, RIGHTEOUSNESS AND TRUTH.

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By Mavis M. duCille

Scripture reading: Romans 2:14-15

A lively conscience will desire holiness above all – supreme.

Though we live in a society which is more liberal than just, which looks quite feasible in our eyes – yet God has one standard and it is holiness. His tender mercies may be painful to the flesh, but the end result is Holiness. He allows circumstances to cause us to be conformed to His image, that our carnal nature might be changed in the process; not only for ourselves but to benefit the whole church.

One must therefore know one’s self and be not afraid to look it straight in the eye and to deal with it. In many cases the first thought that the enemy brings is fear or shame. This should not be. If holiness is supreme than everything must bow to holiness – even Love, because LOVE is holiness. The Father loved the prodigal son, but that son had to come to himself – get to grips with his condition, face himself squarely, reject his state, arise, go to his father, and say – “I have sinned”. Conscience begets a responsibility that results in holiness. Praise God.

Conscience aligns man with God’s standards on earth, whether he be saved or unsaved, because there is a principle of right and wrong established in the earth. This is the reason the heathen will be judged by his conscience.

The conscience can be seared, but never really killed, because at the end of a person’s life it is the conscience, like a written book, that turns up to judge us. This is the reason why to fall upon the stone Christ Jesus and be broken, is by far better than by being fallen upon by the stone – one is breaking and making, and the other is to be destroyed. Conscience carries a power of judgment. One must either conform or not conform.

The conflict that goes on – must I do – or must I not – must go on until it also brings an element of duty, when the inner man senses right or wrong. If the inner man turns to the Holy Spirit there will be strength supplied to make the choice or decision for right and holiness.

If we judge ourselves, we will not be judged. There is the necessity to encourage and inculcate the fullness of the grace of God through the Holy Spirit, that our inner being might be enriched with that proper standard of judgment, that the standard of holiness might be maintained under all circumstances. Oh, how many times we fail the test, but thanks be to God, each trial should make us stronger. Be not afraid or ashamed to let wrong attributes or actions be dealt with by the Holy Spirit, whether it be by yourself or God using someone else. Praise God. Pride must be laid aside that the Spirit might have His complete way. God’s way is to so unite the soul with Christ that the believer will walk in sanctification and power. Robert Browning, speaking of conscience said, “It is the great beacon light that God sets in all.”

Conscience therefore should be kept alive and sensitive, that God may do His perfect work in our lives. No wonder the enemy of our souls does not want people to deal with their sensitive areas, but ignore it. That is like sweeping the dust under the rug. One day it will all be exposed.

This is a time when God is asking believers to deal with the attitudes. That wrong attitude, which causes you to fall short of God’s holiness that He will not find us wanting when He comes.

It is good to be looking for Jesus, but what if He does not come on a church day or when that wrong attitude is manifested, or that fleshly desire rises. Let us make sure to keep our consciences alive in Christ that the prince of the world will find nothing in us. Let us allow the Holy Spirit to thoroughly thresh the floor.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, June 1983)

Thought for today: A quickened conscience will see sin as loathsome and will be alive in Christ to be sensitive to the things that are displeasing to God.

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By Mavis M. duCille

Scripture reading: 1 Timothy 1:19

“Quicken my conscience till it feels the loathsomeness of sin.”

It is said that Conscience is the Voice of God speaking in the soul of man. It recognizes the existence of a moral law which has supreme authority; therefore when this moral law is violated, the soul responds with feelings of guilt and the fear of punishment or judgment.

Man has freedom and responsibility – freedom to make ones choice, but responsible for the consequences. God has made available to every man all the necessary equipment to turn from evil and choose good (which is the hope of immortality). Every man therefore, is inexcusable before God, no matter what part of the universe he or she may dwell. Humanity cannot escape the fact of moral distinctions.

With God there is a definite line between right and wrong. His love chastens that it might produce the peaceable fruits of righteousness. To be kind and giving are works, good works, but holiness is an attribute of the inner man.

There is a very delicate balance in man which if not under the control of the Spirit, it can tip to the right or to the left. Because of man’s free-will choice there is always the possibility of going in the wrong direction or making the wrong decision, BUT God by foreknowledge made a way through Jesus Christ His Son, that man, when he comes to grips with himself and recognizes his weaknesses and limitations, can commit his life to Christ under the power of the Holy Spirit and have a lively conscience. May the Lord help those who allow works and charity to cloud their conscience that they cannot deal with sin and weaknesses in their own being.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, June 1983)

Thought for today: To be kind and giving are works, good works, but holiness is an attribute of the inner man.

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By Mavis M. duCille

Scripture reading: 1 Kings 18: 24


Elijah had faith in God; he knew God’s divine purpose. It was a time when Israel should halt no longer between two opinions: they had to make a decision between God and Baal. Though there were four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal, Elijah knew His God whom he served. Baal was stilled before the Almighty. God answered not only by consuming Elijah’s sacrifice with fire, but licked up all the water that was poured onto the sacrifice and the very stones also. PRAISE GOD.

There is record of priests going to offer sacrifice in disobedience and rebellion – they were consumed.

Some went to cast out devils – instead the devils turned on them and tore them.

The spirits of darkness will only recognize the power and authority (which is the nature) that accompanies the NAME OF JESUS. This NAME is not enshrined in a system, doctrine, external influences, church organization or men’s ideas, but in righteousness, truth and holiness, because He is Saviour – the giver of inspiration. This living stone rejected of men, but to God’s elect, precious. See 1 Peter 2:4-5. All who are enjoined to this LIFE become lively stones, building up the spiritual house, each stone maintaining its proper relationship to the other, permanently connected with Christ, furnishing a habitation for God. Great and wonderful mystery – Praise God. A branch connected to the vine will bring forth fruit of its kind (of the vine).

Where two or three are gathered together in His name (NATURE), He is there in the MIDST to bless and to do THEM GOOD. Praise God it is TWO OR THREE – it does not have to be a large congregation with all the trappings of organization, just two and three gathered IN HIS NATURE. The grounds for the blessing therefore is basically:


Christ is identified with the Church – HE IS HEAD, and must be recognized as such. He is the vine; we are the branches. See John 15:1.

This dynamic power, working through submitted vessels, produces the impossible: revealing to us and renewing in us the lost image and likeness of God, being in us that all-sufficient source of PURITY AND POWER.

Christ is not content to be represented by His people in words; He wants to reign in and be Himself in His people. God has given man the capacity to rise far beyond the limits of his own individuality.

When we gather together in HIS NATURE, He is in the midst to BLESS AND DO US GOOD. He expresses Himself when there is submission to His Nature.

(Excerpt from Nuggets for the Needy, pages 59-60)

Thought for today: When we gather together in HIS NATURE, He is in the midst to BLESS AND DO US GOOD. He expresses Himself when there is submission to His Nature.

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By Mavis M. duCille

Scripture reading: Ephesians 4:31-32

In these days, there is so much strife and division among people that there has been the need to cry out, “Lord, how can these things be?”

The natural, physical body functions beautifully and perfectly, without any single part being against the other. This physical body is a type of the Spiritual Body, therefore, there must be a perfect function of the Body of Christ.

God divides and separates through the working of the Spirit – good from evil, light from darkness, righteousness from unrighteousness – so that His people can be free from all the works of the enemy, and be separated unto Him in Holiness and Righteousness – PRAISE GOD.

God, the giver of understanding, has been unveiling the mystery.

Deliverance from every situation is in HIS NAME – not name as label on someone or something, but HIS NAME which is HIS NATURE. That nature is love, peace, submission, etc. Whatsoever we ask in His Name.

So many times, believers come together and leave undelivered and unblessed – frustrated and discouraged, not having received from the Lord that which has been promised. The reason is that something is wrong with the gathering or the gathered; it was not in HIS NATURE. There may be unforgiveness, hatred, bitterness, malice, strife, guile, cunning craftiness, and such things that are contrary to the NATURE of Christ. It is like having flies in the ointment. Clean hands and a pure heart is that acceptable offering before God. Remember, God looks at the inner being. He sees light or darkness. Forgiveness and cleansing through the atonement sanctifies the vessel, making way for the greatest blessings.

God cannot bless while the contrary nature is encouraged in the soul. All the sacrifices and necessary preparations were made in the Outer Court so the services of the tabernacle would not be hindered in any way, hence the needs of the people were met. When Israel made the perfect sacrifice, God was pleased and they were blessed to the fullest. Their enemies could not stand before them; they had complete victory in all areas. When they transgressed, they fell prey to their enemies, even to the bondage of slavery.

The fruits of the flesh (anger, wrath, malice, strife, envy, bitterness, etc.) are all works of the evil one, works of darkness – where Satan presides as lord. When we therefore entertain these, we fall into the realm of darkness where Satan has power over us. We only have power in Christ; we have no power in darkness.

“Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with ALL malice: And be ye Kind one to another, TENDERHEARTED, FORGIVING one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath FORGIVEN YOU.” Ephesians 4:31-32.

There should be no place given to the devil, or he will take advantage of every opportunity to rob and destroy.

PRAISE GOD. WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS, because God made available to us, His People, every necessary piece of armament to insure us the victory.

His active presence can be experienced in the fullness of His revealed character. His NAME is linked with His righteousness, faithfulness, holiness, goodness, mercy, love, truth, etc. – that is His NAME. Since the assembling of believers forms the basis for spiritual unity with Christ, for participation of His bounties and viewing of His Sovereignty, believers must, through the divine power, rise from the lower realm (which is the opposite and contrary nature) to partake of that DIVINE NATURE.

God will not share His Glory. There must be a rejecting of one nature in order to receive the other nature. Self takes the place of Christ in the soul – the more self is rejected and cast out, the more of Christ we can have.

(Excerpt from Nuggets for the Needy, pages 57-59)

Thought for today: Deliverance from every situation is in HIS NAME – not name as label on someone or something, but HIS NAME which is HIS NATURE.

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