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Scripture reading: Revelation 13:18


The mark of the beast is in the forehead or in the hand. A mark in the forehead speaks of the mind being taken over, and a mark in the hand speaks of committed works. Those who have the mark of the beast cannot be saved, because they have committed the unpardonable sin of blaspheme (rejecting the Holy Ghost for the last time). When the word speaks of the mark of the beast, it is taken by a person; it means that that individual would never accept Christ in time or in eternity. Judas sold Jesus, but he did not go to hell for that. He committed the unpardonable sin. He received the goodness of God, then rejected it and with it he rejected God and His Christ. He had his second chance when Christ preached to the spirits in prison, but Jesus tells us that he was lost, therefore he must be still in hell. The mark of the beast is a permanent disfigurement of the soul into a demon creature which has no desire for God.


In Revelation 13:18 we are told that the number of the name of the beast is 666. In Scripture all figures are symbolic and this one is no exception. From ancient times man had come to regard numbers as having specific meanings. It is God who first applied meanings to figures and numbers to letters. For instance, the Hebrew “Alpha” is not only the first letter “A” but the figure 1. It became to be a symbol of God who is One God, the First and the Last. The number six in the same way is the number for man. Everything that began in Genesis must come to its full measure in Revelation. In Genesis the devil was shown as a serpent with one head. In Revelation he is a dragon with seven heads – his fullness – he and his kingdom. The fallen man is shown in Genesis and the completed man is shown in Revelation 12, also the fallen woman and the completed woman. Symbolically when a number is repeated three times it shows that that number has come to its fullness. The number 666 therefore, is the fullness of 6. Now in the end of time everything must come to its fullness and must have its full manifestation.

God is helping us today to have the victory within, for without this we are losers.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, May 1986)

Thought for today: Let us press into God and submit to His guidance so that we may have the victory within and not be losers.

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Scripture reading: Revelation 15:2

The word “Image” as mentioned in Revelation 15:2 has to be explained so that we can understand what the passage really means to us today: God created man in His IMAGE to look like Him – intellect, love, will, etc. He gave us free will so that we could become like Him (in His likeness). When man fell, he became like Satan, the beast that was wounded by a sword. The wound of the sword of Calvary was fatal and deadly and he could not have survived but for the fact that the church gave him life which was given to them, even as Adam did in his fall.

The image has three parts to it: (1) The image in our minds, (2) The image in the world, and (3) The image of a man to be yet manifested. I will explain simply: The picture of Jesus Christ which most of us have hanging on our walls is, for the most part, the image of the antichrist (Ninus). This was conjured up long ago in ancient Babylon and handed down to us via the Roman and Eastern churches. For this cause God told us in the word not to make any graven image of God. Again he told us that when he appears, we shall be changed to be like Him, therefore we should not believe if any one tells us that “here is Christ, or there.” In spite of the word which is clear and simple, there are those who are looking for Christ to appear before us one day. When the antichrist manifests in person therefore, he will not have much trouble with convincing Christians, if he had a miraculous appearance in the form which they already conceive in their minds. For the Buddhists he would appear as Buddha; for Islam as Muhammad; for the Africans as some god like the Maami spirit (mermaid), for India some Guru or Kamaswari or other popular one of their millions of gods.

In the light of what modern technology can do I would not be surprised is Satan is not planning to project some three dimensional laser figure to convince the religionists of an image that will speak and punish unbelievers.

We must remember: The victory over the image is in the heart of the believer.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, May 1986)

Thought for today: Let us gain the victory over the image of the beast so that we would be true overcomers.

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Scripture reading: Revelation 15:2

It says in Revelation 15:2 that there are people who had “gotten the victory over the beast.” Basically, man has these four beast natures in him. He has the nature of the flying eagle. His mind will always be flying in different directions; high-mindedness will always be rising up and flying off. Man’s emotions are like a fierce, roaring lion that tears its prey and destroys rather than makes whole. His will is stubborn as an ox. Man is a creature who desires everything. He desires heaven and hell at the same time. He will build great palaces and comfortable houses to live in but he will also build machinery of death. He will build armies. He will want to fight, to kill, to overcome his neighbors, and to rule over other people.

THIS IS MAN. These natures have been made inside the man’s soul. This is the man himself. God wants to change this nature. Before the flying eagle can be used of God, it must be changed to an eagle saint, one that will rise up in Christ. In Exodus 19:4 God said that He had borne the Israelites “on eagles’ wings” out of Egypt into Canaan. The great eagle is Jesus Christ Himself. We then have the nature of the eagle. God intends to use this nature, not destroy it but use it, by recreating it with a rebirth. The new eagle is one that will only fly in Christ and rise up in the things of God.

The emotions are wild. I do not need to tell you how wild emotions can be. When they get loose, they are merciless, brutal. God wants to change the emotions from being that of a roaring lion to the nature of “the Lion of the tribe of Juda” that will break the chains of hell, death, and bondage that has bound the whole human race. God has created this Lion to break these chains. In Christ, we will receive the nature of “the Lion of the tribe of Juda” that breaks every chain.

We have the nature of the ox. It will be changed; in Revelation 4 the ox was changed to a calf. The calf is humble and sucks milk. Still of the bovine species, but now it is not stubborn but humble. Humility will be crafted into man’s will, so he no longer wills to rule over his neighbors, his brethren, and his enemies. He will be humble according to the humility of Jesus Christ.

Next, we have THE MAN. This MAN is going to be changed. The change that will come upon him will be as the Son of man, no longer called just man, but SON OF MAN. As God addressed Ezekiel, “Son of man, can these bones live?” God called Jesus Christ, the Son of man, and that is the great name that God gives, the Glory of God. He made Adam and He saw Adam as the man that He would want to be perfected. He had to wait for six thousand years and the time has now come when the new Adam will come forth. The second Adam, Jesus Christ, came and saved the first Adam. We can understand then what God is saying.

(Excerpt from The Book of Revelation, Volume 2, pages 89-90)

Thought for today: As we submit to the Spirit of God, our beast nature is being changed into the nature of Christ.

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Scripture reading: Joshua 1:2-5

Let me share with you something very special today. God called Joshua and gave him a promise. He said to Joshua, as He said to Moses, as He said to Abraham, as He said to Isaac, as He said to Jacob, right down the line, “This is your land. I will give you this land.” You see, God came down and said, “Joshua, enter the land and take it. It is wide open to you. Take it. Every piece of territory, every piece of land upon which you walk will be yours” (Joshua 1:2-4).

Do you know what we are talking about? We are saying that every experience in God is your territory that you have captured. Your own soul is the land that God is talking about. For brethren, although we want to possess the whole world and we want to possess heaven, most of us have not yet possessed our soul. God said in Luke 21:19, “In your patience possess ye your souls.”

Since God spoke those words to Joshua, which maybe close to about 3,000 years ago, the Jews never took that land until now. Nevertheless, in our time, the natural Jew walked in and took the natural land away from the Philistines and from the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites. The seven “ites” that occupy the land are the seven areas of your soul that you never occupied, that you never possessed. Possessed by devils, possessed by earthly things, possessed by evil thoughts, possessed by spirits; it has never been completely conquered and possessed by us.

Now, Israel is a modern day sign to us. Since Israel, natural, carnal, physical Israel has taken away their natural land and had walked upon the promise of God in the natural, then it seems to me that we are about ready to walk upon the land in the spiritual, for the dimensional truths of God must come true in all three dimensions – natural, spiritual, and fullness. Israel has taken their natural land; that means that they have walked on the promises of God in the natural. This is a sign that we are about to take our land, our soul in the spiritual. Praise be to God.

(Excerpt from Foundational Teachings, F087 The Army of God, July 18, 1974)

Thought for today: Luke 21:19, “In your patience possess ye your souls.”

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By Mavis M. duCille

Scripture reading: Hebrews 7:14-16

Some weeks ago, the Lord brought to my attention the fact of the absolute necessity of overcoming.

The way out of the bondage of sin and self and humanness into the Divine nature is through the “flaming sword.” Since this sword turned every direction, there is no way of escaping the fire of purification.

It certainly is not enough to say, “I have accepted Jesus as my Saviour,” or to relax and feel okay, waiting for Him to come and take us away to heaven. The forgiveness of sins brings one into the experience of knowing Jesus as Saviour, but after this experience, one should willingly and deliberately desire to know Him as Lord, which means giving Him perfect control over one’s life. There would be no place therefore for cheating, lying, drinking, swearing, malice, strife, bitterness, wrath, cunning craftiness and all unrighteousness. This can only be done by the regenerating, sanctifying work of Christ, which is the purpose for the indwelling Holy Spirit. God wants to destroy sin, and the Holy Ghost brings to us the Life of Christ Jesus, which does just that.

Adam and Eve were tested and tempted in the garden: if Eve would have resisted, they would have overcome the enemy then and there. Temptation does not necessitate a fall, but resisting builds strength and virtue.

The tree of life is made available to man through Jesus Christ. He is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. Unless we eat Him day and night, we have no life in us – thus no overcoming.

Love, mercy and truth are conditioned by holiness; therefore, when God establishes His law in man’s heart, it constitutes a revelation of holiness – thus through GRACE, man finds a true revelation of LOVE.

Blessed are the people who have been brought into a relationship with Jesus Christ through His blood, and have been established in His grace to embrace that LIFE IN JESUS CHRIST – when man ceases to be an outsider of the Kingdom, and realizes the liberty of the SONS OF GOD.

Overcoming daily establishes holiness as a permanent state of the soul. One writer said, “Our conscience and power of self-control act as a sort of watchdog over our worst selves during the day, but when the watchdog is off duty, the primitive or natural man is at liberty to act as he pleases, and our soul has left us at the mercy of our own evil nature.”

God’s divine power, however, greatly counteracts the forces of evil. This power and anointing is Christ, which can only be experienced as the believer gives way to the Holy Spirit. In this way, man is brought to the place where total redemption overcomes total depravity, and God’s redemptive power shines forth in spite of ourselves. It is the Spirit that brings redemption; human nature can take no credit; the flesh is weak, but the indwelling Christ has power over all THINGS.

When the believer comprehends Christ’s relationship to man as a whole, and to the Christian in particular, then he is enabled to declare as never before the saving, keeping, resurrection POWER OF JESUS CHRIST – LORD, MASTER, KING. Giving way to the persuading influence of the Holy Spirit empowers believers to bring under subjection the dreadful and evil soul nature, which hampers and resists the power of the LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS. Yes, the Holy Spirit is always revealing US to US, but He does so that man, by this power of “an endless life,” might be lifted out of this carnal, natural state to the spiritual, heavenly realm. We have been raised together with Him, Jesus Christ, and the vital union causes us to sit in heavenly places with Him. As we have borne the image of the earthly in Adam, so through Christ Jesus, we will bear the image of the heavenly – a place not only over sin and human weaknesses, but a place of authority and glory.

(Excerpt from Nuggets for the Needy, pages 61-63)

Thought for today: The tree of life is made available to man through Jesus Christ. He is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. Unless we eat Him day and night, we have no life in us – thus no overcoming.

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