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Scripture reading: Ezekiel 8:13

Let us read in Ezekiel 8:13 and while reading it, let us remember that it is in the “chambers of our imagery,” it is in our mind that our problem lies.

“He said also unto me, Turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations that they do. Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD’S house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz.”

Women weeping for Aphrodite; women weeping for Tammuz.

You know, Tammuz, this god of sex, is the god that they weep for at Easter. I do not know if you understand all these things, but at Easter they would fast for forty days—we call it Lent now. The heathen would spend forty days fasting and afflicting their souls because of the death of Nimrod, who they called Tammuz. They would weep for forty days, and on what we would call Easter (resurrection) morning they would come out with dances and flowers and give their bodies unto fornication as a tribute to Tammuz.

You say, “Oh, we in this modern time do not do those kinds of things!” But how many young girls are weeping in their secret places over this Tammuz? They want to be married, they want to have their own husbands; and when they say they want to, they are not thinking of serving God, they are not thinking of having someone to serve God with, but they are thinking of having pleasures. How many married people live for nothing but having this pleasure? Men and women, going to excess—morning, noon, and night! Living upon nothing but this sexual urge that is driving them.

Some people think of sex more than they actually do it. It is almost a twenty-four hour operation! Your minds are being blocked by a spirit!

I am not just talking about sex, you know. I am talking about a spirit that works many different things. ANGER! I have known a Christian brother that threatened his wife with divorce, because the poor woman was worn out. He threatened her with divorce because she was worn out and could not go with him. Do you understand me? Eventually, they had to be divorced.

Do you not understand what the Bible shows? That God gave Eve to Adam; that they should live in unity; that they should become one. That, if my hand is paining, I do not demand that hand lift a hundred pounds! I sympathize with my hand, and although I want to lift the weight, I say, “No, let me suffer! Let ME suffer!” The Bible says in Ephesians that the marriage between man and woman is as Christ and the Church, Who gave Himself for the Church! Isn’t that what the Word of God says? You must give yourselves! Men, you must give yourselves for your wives. Wives, you must give yourselves for your husbands; and when the husbands are busy with the things of the Lord, encourage them!

You must have principle in your lives. (Now, I am talking here to both the men and the women.) You cannot go on a mission with the gospel and be involved in marital relationships at the same time. I am saying this because God shows that the way He made man is that man can only concentrate fully upon one thing at a time! The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 7:5 that you must fast and give yourselves to the things of the Lord, and then come back together, by agreement, so that the devil does not tempt you!

Brethren, let us give ourselves to the things of the Lord so that He would give us strength to overcome.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, July 2000, pg. 37-38)

Thought for today: Establish righteous principles in your life that you would rather suffer than bring pollution to your soul and to your home.

You Can Overcome!

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Scripture reading: Job 2:1-10

Let me show you a very peculiar thing: We feel very spiritual when we are in the meeting where the Spirit of God flows, don’t we? When we are in the place of worship, praising God, being the sons of God, and so and so, it is so easy to be spiritual. However, if God allows him, Satan could send a man in our midst, open his hand, and give some of you one good wallop. It would be enough to put you clean out of the Spirit! Yes! You would be cussing in no time. You would be ready to kill him in no time.

Just imagine: Satan comes in here, and a man comes in and takes up one of your children, kicks him, and beats him, and Lord—you lose it! We are too vulnerable! But we must be above that! We must be in the place where we can stand temptation, and we can rebuke the devil, and walk out unscathed!

If there is anything in your life that the devil can use to upset you, you are in trouble, because he is going to use it. One day, when he is ready for you—when his psychology tells him that you are vulnerable—he is going to use it. Do you understand me?

In my youth, I used to be a fighter. I loved to box; I loved to fight. I used to fight on the streets. Even after coming to Jesus Christ, the demon of fight still was there. I did not get rid of it so easily. I discovered that I still had this devil, because I felt my ears “getting hot” when certain people disturbed me. (You must notice these things about yourselves.) I said to God, “I cannot live like this! I am not living with this ancestral demon! I am not going to live with this demon that my father had; that my father’s father had! I am not going to live with this. I do not want it!”

I started fasting. No sooner had I finished the fast, a young man came up to my desk in my workplace. I am at my desk working, he is at his desk working, and I am telling him that he is not doing well at all. All of a sudden, I see a fist coming towards my chin. He began to beat on me! (Now remember, I do not remember ever losing a fight in my life, because I was wild. I never tried to get into fights; I always tried to get away from it; but once I got into a fight, it was for keeps.) Now, this guy comes and he is just throwing at me. The worst part about it was that he was not good. You know, I knew when a man was a good fighter, but he was not good at all! I decided that he was not going to hit me in my face, because I was not too sure of me. (Do you hear me? I was not sure of me!) When he made a blow at my head, I would move away and move around, and I did not let him hit me. But he was driving into my body and I was praying, “Oh, God, don’t let me hit him. Oh God, help me!” I won! Hallelujah!

He finished beating and went to his seat. I did not even report him, because if I reported him I could fire him from the job right away. I did not do anything to him. I laughed! It was the first day of my victory! Praise God!

Remember now, after hearing this, you are going to get hit. After this message, if you decide to stand, you are going to get hit! For the devil came to God and said, “The only reason why Job is so good is because you have not really allowed me to let loose on him. You let me get a hold of his children and see what he will do. He will curse you to your face.” But God saw Job’s beginning, God saw Job’s continuation, and God saw Job’s end. So, He said, “Go ahead.” Hallelujah!

And the mighty Satan—he could not beat Job! Satan was an archangel. It says in Ezekiel 28, that he was among the “stones of fire.” Satan could not beat a common, natural, ordinary man! He could not whip him! He tried everything. He put him down on his back in ashes and sores suffering for three long years, and he could not beat Job! He could not get Job to curse God, and that was the thing he wanted Job to do. Now, you have come, and God says, “You can overcome.” Every one of us can overcome!

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, July 2000, pg. 36-37)

Thought for today: Believe God that you can overcome and be numbered among those who will have overcome all things. But you must make up your mind and let God do His work in you.

The Love of God

The following message was given in Dubuque, IA, in March 2001 by Brother Cecil duCille.

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Scripture reading: Ezekiel 8:11-12

Let us look a little closer at the problem that we, the people of God, are faced with at this time:

Ezekiel 8:11-12 shows that because your mind is your own, because I do not see what you are thinking, because I do not see what you are feeling, you feel that you are safe. We feel that we are safe because nobody else knows that we lusted over here, or we desired over there. It is all in your mind!

I remember one of the great testings I received as a young man. I had told God to take my life unless I was going to live holy. If He saw that I was not going to live holy, He must “Kill me now!” I said, “God, I am going to give you a chance to kill me! I will neither eat nor drink water for forty days. Kill me!” I am talking about people who mean business with God, whose life does not mean anything to them compared to gaining that thing which God has ordained for them.

Well, God did not kill me, as you might notice. He brought me alive again after this terrible ordeal, but it gave a deathblow. Shortly after this happened, I went to bed one night and got up struggling in my sleep because something was choking me. When I woke up, I was still being choked and I was still struggling. I found out that there was a girl on top of me. She had crept into the room naked, got on top of me, and held me. She felt that she could overcome me in that way.

The first thing that happened, as I came to consciousness, was anger. Why should she believe that I would cast away God for her! She did not respect the power of my salvation! I overcame that night, but I still lost the church and my name. Do you know why? Because a woman refused is a savage creature. She went out and told everybody how she slept with me; and my dignity would not allow me to defend myself against the tongues of my accusers.

I want you to understand that if you are in a condition where a naked woman can come in and take you, you are in a bad shape. And I know many of us are in that shape. You have to get to the point where it would not faze you, it would not affect you. You have to get to that point!

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, July 2000, pg. 35-36)

Thought for today: You can only get to the point where sensuality does not faze you if you allow Christ Jesus to come into your mind and to control your body, so that your body will not obey any other master but your mind; and your mind, your spirit; and your spirit, the Holy Spirit!

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Scripture reading: Ezekiel 8:7-10

You may ask: What is it that he is talking about in Ezekiel 8:7-10? He is talking about your idols! You say, “But, I have no idols!” May God Almighty help us! May God Almighty help us! What is it that is keeping you away from absolute surrender to Christ Jesus in all things? What is it? Where is your idol?

I can see idols all around. Just lift up your eyes in the Spirit and you will see the idols. Oh, praise be to God! I go out on the street and it is very simple to see the idols out there. The people put on clothes and dress like their idols. You can easily pick them out. But the church people have a time to cover up, especially when they come into service, and you do not see their idols very easily. However, if you look in the Spirit, you can see the idols. What is it that is keeping you from walking perfectly in the Spirit of God so that you have a satisfaction in your spirit that, “I have done the will of my Father!” What is it? That is your idol! Do you hear me?

He is telling you here to dig in the hole in “your” wall (because you are the “son of man” here; this passage of Scripture is speaking of you and so it is YOUR wall). Dig a little deeper and you will see your idols; you will know that some of these idols are so secretly placed that we never know them. Sometimes it takes somebody to come and smite you before you will find out the terrible thoughts that can come in your mind. Yes! Suicide! Murder! You would not believe that you have those in you, would you? But let somebody kill your child, let somebody do something to your child, let somebody walk over you in the way that destroys your life, and you will find all these wicked demons coming up in your soul. Yet, you did not know that they were there before.

God is speaking to these idols. The prophet said he saw, but he had to dig in the wall and find a secret door. Amen! God will always open a hole for you to start your digging. He is opening it even now.

“We cannot go where we must go if we do not take care of this thing, saith the Lord!”

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, July 2000, pg. 34-35)

Thought for today: Dig in the hole in your wall so that you can find the idols of your life and overcome them by the power of God.