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Scripture reading: Exodus 19:6, 2 Peter 2:9

Do you know that when you lay hands on a person that you are actually putting your life on the line for that person? Did you know that is what it means? Did you know that God made the people of Israel lay their hands on the priest and confess their sins over him, and their sins left them and went into the priest? Amen. You know, I have seen it happen. We had situations where brothers laid their hands on people but they didn’t have the spiritual virtue or energy to counteract the thing that was in that person and it came back upon them.

One day, we were called up into a mountain top to go pray for a woman who was possessed with some devil. We all left to go but this young man took a short-cut through the bushes and got up there first. What he wanted to have was the glory of being the person who delivered the woman. If you have those kinds of things in you, keep away from demons. They will kill you because they can spot a wrong thought anywhere. The boy ran up there. He laid his hands on the woman. When we got there, his hand was crippled, withered; and we never got him better. He started having epileptic seizures and had them until he died. We could not bring deliverance to him.

You have to beware of how you lay hands. Do you remember in Hebrews 6:1, Paul speaks of the “laying on of hands” as part of our foundation doctrine? You need to have that foundation doctrine well secured in your foundation. Because in the laying on of hands, you are actually accepting unto yourself the problem that the person has.

There was a woman in the Bible that had the issue of blood. You can imagine that it was some sin that gave her that issue. Now-a-days we might say it was some sort of venereal disease. She grabbed the hem of Jesus’ garment and Jesus said, “I felt virtue come out of Me” (Mark 5:25-33). Do you realize that when you lay hands on a person, you are giving out virtue? YES! He said, “I felt virtue come out of Me.” His disciples said, “But everybody is touching You and rubbing up against You.” Jesus responded, “No, no. Something else: there was a deliberate action that pulled the virtue out of Me.” Do you know what action it was? Faith. The woman believed it! I am telling you – you do not know how strong faith is!

FAITH! By FAITH then, we are going to fit the bill of God – not because we are righteous, not because we are pretty, not because we are good, not because we are better than anybody else – BUT BECAUSE WE BELIEVE WHAT GOD SAYS. He will make you a royal priesthood.

Now, God created the priesthood to be a mediator between God and man. Do you know that is what a priest is? When Jesus Christ came, Jesus became the mediator between God and us. So, the priesthood was abolished. But then, He said He had a new priesthood after the order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 7:11). Who is this Melchizedek?

Abraham went to battle and he overcame the five kings of Sodom and Gomorrah. When he was coming back, there came a man to him. Abraham said, “Who are you?” The man said that He was the king of Salem (Genesis 14:18-20) and Abraham recognized that it was God and gave Him a tenth of all, his tithes. You know, I always wondered what God did with it. Maybe He just put it up into smoke or something. But Abraham gave it to this King of Salem; and Salem is Jerusalem. Yes! City of peace! So this situation brings us into something new – a new order of priesthood has been created.

(Excerpt from Keeping in Touch, February 2007, pg. 36-38)

Thought for today: By faith we are going to fit the bill of God – because we believe what God says. He will make us a royal priesthood.

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Scripture reading: Revelation 12:11

THE WORST PROBLEM in the Christian world is that the word “Born Again” has been compromised. People are asked to repeat the sinner’s prayer like the chanting of magical words, and are told that they are saved. Mass meetings of crusade dimensions are kept and we hear figures like 10,000 to 50,000 persons being saved, yet there does not seem to be any change in the quality of life in these areas. My opinion is that most of these people are being won to religion and not to Christ. One morning I heard a well-known evangelist on his morning show say that rock music with Christian words is going down where the people are and that we should do this to save souls. I believe rock music is of the devil and it cannot save any souls. Let me tell you the story of a vision or dream I once had:

I was a young man filled with zeal but still struggling with the flesh. In fasting and prayer I would sometimes cry out to God to show me the way to overcome. Although to others I was a mighty preacher with a very powerful healing ministry, yet in the quietness of my room I saw the yawning abyss of failure and degradation before me. One night God gave me a dream:

I was like an ancient traveler passing through a strange land. The people all seemed strange and afraid. I tried to communicate with them but they were afraid to talk. Soon there was a parade coming down the street and at the head was a man of lordly appearance; he was their king and the oppressor. I soon learned that he would not allow any stranger to pass through his land unless this person could beat him in a duel of swords. I had neither desire nor inclination to try to fight him, but he gave me a sword and would have decapitated me had I not tried to defend myself. Soon I realized that he was only toying with me and that he could kill me at any time he chose as I was no match for him. In this dilemma I cried to God as to what to do. The Lord whispered in my ear that I cannot win him with his sword, but that he would lose strength if I lifted him off the earth. (The earth was his strength). I waited my opportunity, grabbed him around the waist and lifted him and into the air we went, whereupon I cast him down to his death. Immediately a great chorus of singers broke forth; with dancing they lifted his body to their shoulders and sang, “The master of Yon Dong is dead, with joy we bear him home.”

The victory over carnality cannot be won by using the sword of carnality. If we are earthbound we are losers; we cannot win over Satan at his game with his tools. To win we must rise above earth, whence our adversary is weak and puny.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, May 1986)

Thought for today: Let us use the tools of the Spirit of God to overcome our adversary and gain victory over carnality.

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Scripture reading: Matthew 7:16-20

The tendency in the groups and bodies around the world, who believe the word of the end time messengers, is to believe that they are the first fruits company or even the overcomers. BELIEVING THE MESSAGE OF THE OVERCOMERS QUALIFIES THE BELIEVER TO BECOME AN OVERCOMER – BUT DOES NOT MAKE HIM ONE.

The high calling of God is given to many, but some fall like Judas going to the very depths of degradation. Others fail in a lesser sense, like the five foolish virgins only losing their position and reward, but not necessarily their souls. There are also others who fail for one reason or another and force God to take them out of the battle rather than allow them to lose everything. The basic point here is that Overcomers must overcome the world, the flesh and the devil. This is the victory. The victory which God requires is that the character of Jesus Christ be formed within the soul of the believer. God will not give the believer OVERCOMING as a present. The believer must overcome using the tools which God has given him.

We, therefore, are being encouraged to turn away from the distractions which are so prevalent within the thinking and operation of the church today. The distractions are subtle and sometimes deceive the best of us. A good example of this is the case they had in Miami, Florida, where two bank robbers, long sought by the Police shot seven FBI men and were themselves shot and killed. It turned out that one of them was a well-known “Born Again” Christian who was publicized in a well-known Christian magazine as a model Christian. The reason why the Christian world accepts and fellowships with devils without recognizing them, is that our criteria for judging, say a Born Again Christian, is absolutely not scriptural but according to our traditions and humanistic thinking.

Let us take for instance the subject of VICTORY for a Christian: It is being taught and preached from the pulpits of almost every realm of the church as meaning those who can get miracles to physical bodies and also financial miracles. Although these can come from God, they are not on a plane where they can be the criteria for judging Godliness. If however, you can get a few miracles done, not only the crowds will come flocking to you, but the whole Christian world will look up to you regardless of your spiritual condition. Some live in adultery and others are fornicators. Some lie and cheat to get offerings and others are lords over God’s heritage, flaunting God to the face, but they are exalted by the church and the world as the greatest Christians of our time. According to the norm of our times, successful ministers must have big congregations and wield influence over many persons to be counted. Is this the victory which Jesus Christ gives? No! The overcomer must live above earthiness. Devils do also get miracles done as stated in the scripture that it would be an end time sign. Jesus Christ gave us a sure word pertaining to the discernment of those who are truly Christians: “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Fruits are different from GIFTS. If He had said by their gifts ye shall know them, then we would be totally deceived. Gifts can be counterfeited, but fruits of the Spirit cannot.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, May 1986)

Thought for today: God will not give the believer OVERCOMING as a present. The believer must overcome using the tools which God has given him.

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Scripture reading: I John 5:5

I John 5:4 speaks of “Whatsoever is born of God” as the overcomer of the world, but let us look at verse 5 which speaks of the WHOSOEVER:

I John 5:5a, “Who is he that overcometh the world?”

This question in itself is a challenge. Do we know him? Are we also overcomers of the world? He said, “The prince of this world cometh and findeth nothing in me.” Is Satan finding something that belongs to him in us? Let us look at the rest of the verse:

I John 5:5b, “—but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God.”

Many of the things some of us do convince me that we do not really believe that Jesus is the Son of God. I am sure this sounds very strange to the reader, but if you just look with me for a while at some practical examples: If we believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, then we must also realize that He is here with us and that He knows our thoughts; that in the privacy of our very souls there is nothing hid from Him. How then could we live day after day and go to prayer, some of us even preaching to others, without repentance before Him, of attitudes and thought of others which are not apparent but secret. Every work shall be brought into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good or evil.

Do we really believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? Then we are overcomers of the world system. When we fear the high and mighty hierarchy of man and cower before his power; when we have to go to politics for our deliverance, then we are denying the power of Christ and we deny that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Once Jesus visited me in my room, just after I had gone to register for bible school. His eyes were ablaze as if a fiery steam issued from them; He pointed His finger in my face and said, “If you go to bible school, you will be rejecting me as your teacher.” I had no such intention, nor would I ever consciously reject Him as my teacher, but by the act of TAKING ANOTHER TEACHER, I was automatically rejecting the one I had. When we accept certain things or do certain things, we automatically reject other things. Could it be possible that some of us are denying Christ by accepting some other thing or person? Let us walk circumspectly before God so that we can be numbered among those who overcome the world.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, May 1986)

Thought for today: If we believe that Jesus is the Christ, then we must also realize that He is here with us, that He knows our thoughts and that there is nothing hid from Him.

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Scripture reading: I John 5:4

Faith, “born of God,” is the victory which overcomes the world. What do we mean by “faith born of God?” Faith can be born of greed. Someone can have faith to win the lottery, or to play the horses, or to get property. Faith born of God cannot be selfishly motivated. Faith born of God cannot be competitive or prideful – i.e. to have the biggest auditorium in the U.S.A. or the biggest congregation in the world. The root of the faith that is born of God is in God. “Whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world.” Finally faith born of God overcomes the world.

I see the children of God struggling under the burden of worldliness. Even the kids are made to uphold all the worldly standards and be a part of every whim of the world which the kids of the non-Christians uphold. Instead of being taught of God they are taught by the devils of the system. Their paragon is not Jesus Christ and the holy men and women of the Bible, but the cursed televised demons of Hollywood, Paris, San Francisco, and New York. It does not matter how much faith you have for miracles and how much results you might have in this area, if you are not overcoming the world, the flesh, and the devil, then your miracles are nothing but condemnation because you believe in a God of miracles and deny the greatest of all miracles which is the victory over self and sin and Satan.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, May 1986)

Thought for today: Faith born of God overcomes the world.

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Scripture reading: Romans 10:17

It is a common error which most of us make when in the heat of the battle – we forget that our power to overcome does not lie in ourselves or in our effort, but in our faith IN GOD. Faith does not necessarily have to be in God. Men can have faith in themselves, or in other persons, or even in other spirits. Today we find that this positive, but misplaced faith has invaded the Christian realm and is causing people to believe for things which are contrary to God’s will. Faith therefore can produce result and yet be not of God. The type of faith used by a well-known “Rev” in New York to produce property and riches, definitely works for those who believe, yet he does not even pretend that it is of God. This faith forms the basis of occult practices, but more and more it is being used by the Christian ministries to produce material results, without spiritual victory. In order to have the VICTORY we must place our faith in God, NOT COMMANDING GOD, as some of us believe we should do, but BELIEVING HIM to destroy the works of the world and the devil in our lives. To believe God, is righteousness.

Many of us are ready and willing to believe God but are lost in the confusion of voices, and cannot have a clear-cut word upon which to place our faith. God has provided ways and means for us to overcome this confusion.  There are basically three avenues through which God is speaking to us:

  1. God is speaking to us through His ministry – BUT there is a thousand ministers preaching a thousand different messages!
  2. God is speaking to us through His word – BUT there are so many different translations saying different things – I do not know which to follow!
  3. God is speaking to us from within by His own voice – BUT I hear so many voices within that I do not know when it is self, the devil, or God!

In spite of the many ministries and the many voices speaking different things, the Lord God has only one ministry and one voice. Any voice which gives you VICTORY over the world, the flesh, and the devil, is the voice of God. You can get victory over an ailment, or victory over financial problems, BUT that is not the barometer by which you can test the voices. The test lies in the fact that you are gaining the victory over worldliness, carnality, and the influence of the devil in your life. The whole world lies under the influence of the devil; sociology, psychology, all the sciences, and even theology are the instruments of Satan to bring the people under his power. There is not one facet of our physical world around us which is not controlled by Satan, therefore, we must hear the voice of God in order to counteract these other voices.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, May 1986)

Thought for today: Any voice which gives you VICTORY over the world, the flesh, and the devil, is the voice of God.

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Scripture reading: Matthew 5:48

Do you know that you can read one passage of Scripture a thousand times and every time you read it, it is new? Some people say, “Oh, we have heard all this before. We do not need to go to conventions because we are just going to hear the same old time thing all over and over again.” But the truth is the Word is new every morning! Great is Thy faithfulness, oh God! Hallelujah!

Let me tell you, brethren, something about Abraham. Abraham was righteous. It was not because he lied. The Bible was careful to tell you how Abraham lied, and the Bible was careful to tell you how Abraham had his maid at the behest of his wife. The Bible is careful to tell you these things to show you that Abraham was not a superman. But, he believed God. He believed God, and God counted it to him for righteousness! How are you going to be righteous? You have to believe God. You have to do what God tells you what to do. You have to move in the way God tells you to move.

We have to know that we are being created. The moment Abraham lifted the knife and decided to drive it down into his son, a new life came into him! God said, “Now, I know.” Do you think there is anything God does not know? Brethren, the things that are happening to you in life are happening because God is tempting you to walk in an area that will create in you SOMETHING NEW! Hallelujah! The Spirit of God, moving upon David, said, “Lord, create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.”

We are being created in the likeness of God. We are being made in the likeness of God. How are we being made? How is it happening? Everything you do, everything you think is part of the creative process. It will either hinder the creation or it will foster it! There is a delicate point in the creation of anything, when it can either turn one way or the other. We are at that point where God is trying to birth Christ within us, and the world is trying to birth Satanism (the devil himself) within us. And the one hinders the other!

May God help us, brethren. May God help us to understand the truth that we are in a point of creation. Everything you see in the movies, everything you see in the world, everything you see in your mind—it has a process. IT IS EITHER ASSISTING OR RESISTING THE PROCESS OF YOUR CREATION IN THE IMAGE OF JESUS CHRIST! Amen!

So, we have to be careful. God is saying to you, “Be ye perfect.” Why would God say that to me if I have no power to be perfect? The power is in my hand, either to submit to the perfecting process, or to resist it. Now, how can it be, that I resist the process, and I do not even know what I am doing? It is because, if I submit to the devil, he will cause me to resist it without my even knowing. Therefore, I become a fool! An innocent fool who resists God without knowing that I am resisting God.

God is saying to us as a people, “Rise up, rise up, shake yourself from the dust.” Claim your rightful place in God. Hold on to the good that God has done, the good that He has given you, the way that He has prepared for you to escape out of the dust! Hallelujah! Don’t you see that He wants a lively Body? God looked down and He saw a people rising up in the end of time who will serve the Lord. The Scripture calls it the “generation of the righteous” (Psalm 14:5). In other words, a generation of people who will obey God! Glory to God! God is at this time finding people who He can flow through. If God flows through you, you become righteous because you are doing exactly what God wants you to do. That is righteousness; that is holiness. And when you do it for a time, it becomes a habit and God calls you holy. He said, “Be ye holy, for I am holy.” May God help you and bless you.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, November 1999, pg. 15-16)

Thought for today: Let God flow through you so that you may become righteous. The power of your creation in the image of Jesus Christ is in your hand.

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