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Scripture reading: Psalm 15:4

We should not forget to honor those in our midst who fear the Lord. The example we get every day from the brethren is not honor to those who fear the Lord, but honor to those who can put out a “Best seller” no matter how they received their material. Or, honor to those who are the most successful businessmen, honor to those who give the best offering. You can get on the honor roll of most organizations by giving a certain amount of money. I have been excommunicated from many groups and churches for speaking exactly what the Lord told me to say, while the same groups and churches accept preachers who are making up their own sermons but speaking more pleasant words.

Some of our ministers and churches who know the blessing of receiving the Holy Spirit baptism are turning back to Rome and wantonly addressing members of the Roman Catholic Church as “Catholic Brethren.” In turn the Catholic Church is calling those, who once were the accursed Protestants, “Separated Brethren.”

Let us honor the brethren who live clean and give a good example to others. Let us honor true eldership, not those who boss it over us but those who set a good example for us to follow and walk humbly before the Lord. Let us not honor others because God is using them, but let us honor them because they are showing forth Christ in their lives. Let us honor the wives who work faithfully in the home and in the church for the love of Christ.

LET US HONOR all men and women who fear God not usurping Christ in the congregations of the saints. Let us honor them for they are few who do not seek their own honor, and command men to call them by unscriptural titles which God calls names of Blaspheme.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, October 1983)

Thought for today: Let us honor those in our midst who fear the Lord

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