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Scripture reading: Revelation 12:11

THE WORST PROBLEM in the Christian world is that the word “Born Again” has been compromised. People are asked to repeat the sinner’s prayer like the chanting of magical words, and are told that they are saved. Mass meetings of crusade dimensions are kept and we hear figures like 10,000 to 50,000 persons being saved, yet there does not seem to be any change in the quality of life in these areas. My opinion is that most of these people are being won to religion and not to Christ. One morning I heard a well-known evangelist on his morning show say that rock music with Christian words is going down where the people are and that we should do this to save souls. I believe rock music is of the devil and it cannot save any souls. Let me tell you the story of a vision or dream I once had:

I was a young man filled with zeal but still struggling with the flesh. In fasting and prayer I would sometimes cry out to God to show me the way to overcome. Although to others I was a mighty preacher with a very powerful healing ministry, yet in the quietness of my room I saw the yawning abyss of failure and degradation before me. One night God gave me a dream:

I was like an ancient traveler passing through a strange land. The people all seemed strange and afraid. I tried to communicate with them but they were afraid to talk. Soon there was a parade coming down the street and at the head was a man of lordly appearance; he was their king and the oppressor. I soon learned that he would not allow any stranger to pass through his land unless this person could beat him in a duel of swords. I had neither desire nor inclination to try to fight him, but he gave me a sword and would have decapitated me had I not tried to defend myself. Soon I realized that he was only toying with me and that he could kill me at any time he chose as I was no match for him. In this dilemma I cried to God as to what to do. The Lord whispered in my ear that I cannot win him with his sword, but that he would lose strength if I lifted him off the earth. (The earth was his strength). I waited my opportunity, grabbed him around the waist and lifted him and into the air we went, whereupon I cast him down to his death. Immediately a great chorus of singers broke forth; with dancing they lifted his body to their shoulders and sang, “The master of Yon Dong is dead, with joy we bear him home.”

The victory over carnality cannot be won by using the sword of carnality. If we are earthbound we are losers; we cannot win over Satan at his game with his tools. To win we must rise above earth, whence our adversary is weak and puny.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, May 1986)

Thought for today: Let us use the tools of the Spirit of God to overcome our adversary and gain victory over carnality.

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