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Scripture reading: Psalm 15:2

It is not possible that Satan or his angels can work one ounce of righteousness. They can only do evil, they cannot do good. It is necessary to understand that two persons can do the same action, and yet one would be good and the other evil. Let us take an example: Two persons were anointed of God to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of these turned it into a big business, using the Gospel as his stock-in-trade in order to make millions, the other preached with no other desire than to please God and to do His perfect will. The difference between these two is Motive. Both were anointed of the Lord, and both preached, but one was using God while God was using the other. To one it was unrighteousness and to the other righteousness.

We see therefore that “working righteousness” is more than just doing works. There is a lot being done in the name of the Lord that is not in His nature. The word, “the name of the Lord”, is a specific phrase which means the Nature of God. I once heard a preacher say he would “buff someone in the name of the Lord”. That is an extreme case but I am sure we all have heard and seen such paradoxes.

Righteousness is the nature of God, it is not just works, but it must glorify God in intent and purpose and must be motivated of God himself. Sometimes we hear prophesies – “Thus saith the Lord,” but the Lord did not say; it was more like what someone thought the Lord should say. Speaking the name of Jesus or of the Godhead or of the Holy Ghost in itself is not sufficient evidence to classify the speaker as one working righteousness. We must then be careful of our motive in doing works.

It is sometimes very difficult to decide whether a prophecy is of God or not – but the deciding factor is whether it glorifies God or is leaning towards human glorification in its emphasis. In works of charity it is sometimes much easier to see a double motive or just Christ. If we should open a hospital as a work of God, it would have to be dedicated to the poor who have no money to pay for their care. If it must be financially profitable, then if could not be of God. To be of God it would have to be absolutely of faith. “Faith without works is dead”, but dead works are without faith.

We must remember that righteousness is the nature of God and must glorify God and be motivated of God.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, August 1983)

Thought for today: Working righteousness is more than just doing works.

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Scripture reading: Psalm 15:1

We are for the most part all striving for excellence in God. Our eyes are set upon the Mark of the High Calling which God has set for us to attain unto. Every soul is prescribed a different route by which he might attain to this mark therefore it hurts God’s purpose for one person to force others to do things by his own method.

There is a question asked – who shall abide in God’s dwelling place? Many will enter, but who will make it their Permanent Abode? The Hebrew word used in this passage suggests not only an overnight dweller, but one making God’s Holy Hill his home – his permanent dwelling place.

It is possible that God can dwell in a person but that person not dwell in God. It is possible that a person can have God in him and yet that person cannot abide in the presence of God for long. The presence of God is sometimes unbearable to some of us some of the time.

Moses absorbed so much of God’s glory that his face shone when he descended from the mountain, and I do believe that God had to greatly insulate himself in darkness – thick darkness – in order that Moses could stand His presence. On one occasion when Moses asked God to let him see his face, the Lord covered him up in a rock with His hand, and when he removed His covering hand, Moses saw His back parts going away from him.

John the revelator looked upon the Glory of God shining from an angel (one of the saints used as a messenger) and was struck to the ground, having no strength to lift himself up.

Who will dwell in the Holy Hill of God? The answer to these questions will give us the formula prescribed of God for the Overcomers. The thought we will examine today is found in Psalm 15:2a, “He that walketh uprightly.”

We would say that walking uprightly means living with integrity. Webster dictionary describes integrity as: Unimpaired moral principles; honesty; soundness; the quality of being whole or undivided. Spiritual Integrity goes far beyond Webster’s dictionary, because integrity in the Spirit has a more profound meaning than any moral concept dictates. The deep seated Christ likeness of the soul is not a moral effort but a metamorphosis taking place in the soul of the individual, which lifts the man from his basic human habitat towards the Divine.

The word “walk” means a continuous living experience. It is possible to be righteous sometimes, and not always righteous. “Walketh”, suggests a continuous, steady, on-going relationship with God in uprightness.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, August 1983)

Thought for today: Will you abide in God’s dwelling place and make it your permanent abode?

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Scripture reading: Ezekiel 9:6

Ezekiel 9:6, “Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at my sanctuary. Then they began at the ancient men which were before the house.”

The picture of Ezekiel 9 is the same picture of the Ten Virgins in Matthew 25 from another angle. In the dark hour of God’s judgment He will make a difference between sheep and sheep and shepherd and shepherd. While one group is protected and safe with the Lord, the other will be out in the darkness probably sealing their testimonies with their blood. In the verse quoted above, the situation is put in all its rawness and for the person who does not understand the language of God, it would be hard to see in these words a loving and merciful God. In spite of this the explanation is however, that those who are outside of OBEDIENCE to God in the moment of crisis, stand in an indefensible position, and not even God Himself can break His own rules to save them. This is the reason it is written in Revelations 11:2 that the “Outer Court” will be utterly destroyed. THE MARK IN THE FOREHEAD, which in symbolic language means the Mind of Christ in our minds, will be the saving portion in the day of God’s judgment.

Many times the Scripture describes God’s judgment as nothing more than retribution being brought upon man by his own actions, and in some cases the army of the heathen coming against his people who were not able to win because their God had withdrawn from them. Actually, they were not better fighters than the heathen around them, and their victories only came through their obedience to God. It would therefore be natural that when the Lord withdrew from them that the enemy would overcome them, and that would be their punishment for disobedience. NEVERTHELESS IN GOD’S JUDGMENT ON HIS CHURCH there never was utter destruction and there never will be. “God will save her and that right early.” (Psalm 46:5).

The judgments of God are upon us, and there will be a continuous increase of God’s judgment upon the church unto a final cataclysmic end, when the church will be purified:

Malachi 3:3, “And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: And he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.”

It is not all bad news – THE GOOD NEWS FAR OUTWEIGHS the bad. This will produce the greatest revival of righteousness in the earth.

Daniel 12:1, “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people:  and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that time:  and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.”

I believe we are living in the time when the Great Accountant of Heaven is making a final balancing of His accounts. Any of our work, which is not motivated by righteousness, will be burnt up as hay, wood, and stubble. Those works, which are ordered and directed by the Holy Spirit, are gold, silver, and precious stones; that is all that matters. Many little Christians shut away in some non-descript corner will be receiving great rewards for their obedience in prayer, while some of the mighty men in the limelight of Christianity will only be saved as if by fire. May the Lord bless you to be among those who God honors at the final summation.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, June 1982)

Thought for today: Only those works, which are ordered and directed by the Holy Spirit, are gold, silver, and precious stones; that is all that matters.

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Scripture reading: I Peter 4:17

The children of God who believe in justice and mercy, must agree that a loving God who is abundant in mercy must judge the children of His household before He judges the world.

I Peter 4:17, “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?”

God’s judgments take many different forms, some of which include the allowing of His enemies to come against His people to punish them. One of the staunchest laws of God is the law of Sowing and Reaping.

Galatians 6:7, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Only the Blood of Jesus Christ remits sin, otherwise all sin must be punished. Sometimes we only see the effects on the outward man, and we tend to wonder why would God allow this? But we should never forget that God is righteous and whatsoever is done of God is righteousness.

As an accountant it is very easy for me to understand that there must be a time of reckoning when all the accounts must be balanced. At the end of the business year there is a time of reckoning, but if the business is being liquidated, then all the accounts must be closed at the same time. This concept is the one which the Scripture speaks of in I Peter 4:17.  – The time is come – for what? – for the judgment of the Church.

It is not enough to accept Jesus as Saviour, we should know him as Lord and follow Him. The majority of Christians dwell in the realm of accepting Jesus as Saviour, but following foolish shepherds who are not following the Lord or who follow Him afar off. The present darkness into which the world is entering demands that we follow Jesus the whole way in order to overcome.

Midnight, as mentioned in Matthew 25, is going to separate those who had the work of God done in their souls from those who frustrated the Holy Spirit, not allowing him to do the transformation within the area of the soul. Jesus Christ redeemed our souls by His death, and he came to save our souls. If in the final analysis, we reject the completion of this work in the soul, then the mind and the emotions will remain unregenerated and we will fail to overcome Satan in the power of his strength.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, June 1982)

Thought for today: It is not enough to accept Jesus as Saviour, we must know Him as Lord and follow Him.

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Scripture reading: John 9:1-7

Did you know that it is not everybody who believes the message of the Kingdom that is in the Holy Place? It is not everyone who has the Holy Spirit that is in the Holy Place. When you get into the Holy Place, the Holy Place has to get into you in order for you to be in the Holy Place. Can you understand it? In other words, if you are in the Holy Place and you are acting like a tramp, do you think God will say, “You are in the Holy Place, therefore I will just take you in.”? No, no. You have rejected the Spirit of God that makes you holy. We cannot be holy without the Spirit of God. If you are acting like John Brown, you can’t claim to be holy. You cannot act like your mother or your father and expect to be holy. You can preach like Paul, you can sing like angels, you can do anything else and bless God’s people, too, but remember: to be holy you have to follow the Holy Spirit.

There were two blind men in the New Testament. There was blind Bartimaeus and there was the other blind man that God made the spittle, put on his eyes and sent him on. Praise God. I want to talk about those two. The eyes of the one man were gone, clean gone. He was blind because he probably had no pupil, but Jesus Christ created eyes right there. He used the power of creation; He took spittle, made clay, put it over his eyes and said, “…Go to the pool of Siloam, and wash…” (John 9:11). When the man washed the clay off of his eyes, his eyes were perfect, 20/20 vision. Let’s take Mark 10:46 first and then we will go to Luke 18:35.

Mark 10:46, “And they came to Jericho: and as he went out of Jericho with his disciples and a great number of people, blind Bartimaeus, the son of Timaeus, sat by the highway side begging. 47And when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out, and say, Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me.” Now, Jesus cannot disregard that kind of a plea. You know, when God says sometimes, “Command Me,” that is what He means. If you work according to God’s plan and God’s law, God must. Jesus could not pass him. “Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me. 48And many charged him that he should hold his peace: but he cried the more a great deal, Thou Son of David, have mercy on me.” The words “Son of David” have a special meaning; it means that He was the Messiah. That is what it meant in the Hebrew. He was saying, “Jesus, Messiah, the One that should come, the promised Son of David have mercy on me.” Verse 49, “And Jesus stood still, and commanded him to be called. And they call the blind man, saying unto him, Be of good comfort, rise; he calleth thee. 50And he, casting away his garment, rose, and came to Jesus. 51And Jesus answered and said unto him, What wilt thou that I should do unto thee? The blind man said unto him, Lord, that I might receive my sight.”

We are talking about the optometrist. Do you understand? You are to go to the optometrist and you must ask for what you want. He is not going to give you sight unless you ask for it. Tell Him what you want and it must be from your heart, brethren. This man was hollering. They couldn’t shut him up because he knew that God was passing him by and he did not want God to pass him by. He wanted his eyes healed.

Verse 52, “And Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy faith hath made thee whole. And immediately he received his sight, and followed Jesus in the way.” Do you understand what happened here? Jesus never touched him. It wasn’t necessary. He touched Jesus with his faith.

When you look at John 9:1-7, you see another case. In this case, God wanted that blind man as a minister. God wanted him so He made him born blind, then He sent Jesus to heal him. Isn’t this a wonderful God? That is a different case. That man didn’t ask for anything. He was just made by God, set there, punished, suffered blindness all his life so that God might glorify Himself in him. Some of you are like that, but don’t count on it. You go and ask God to open your eyes.

(Excerpt from Keeping in Touch, May 2009, pg. 28-29)

Thought for today: Remember: to be holy you have to follow the Holy Spirit.

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Scripture reading: Romans 8:29

Did you know that we feed through our eyes? When we enter into the Holy Place of the Tabernacle, there are twelve loaves of bread set on the Table of Shewbread. We can eat from whichever loaf we prefer, but we must know that we feed with our eyes, we feed with our ears, we feed with our minds by feeding from the Word and from others. God wants the children of God to feed from the twelve loaves that He has provided, the apostolic teaching. However, oftentimes we feed on other things: we see something in the world there; something there; something attractive there; something attracts us and all that feeding goes into the mind and it disrupts the power of God from taking charge of the mind.

Brethren, we are at the hour when the power of the living God is going to take charge of the mind of man. Do you hear me? The power of God is going to take charge of our minds. Begin to offer up your mind to God. “Oh God, I bring You this offering this morning. You need to cleanse it. I don’t want to think evil of my brother. I don’t want to think evil at all. I don’t want to do this and that and that.” Faith is the substance of whatever you hope for. If you hope to be like Jesus, tell God. “I don’t want to be like Mary, John or Tom. I want to be like Jesus. This is my cry, Oh God. I want to be like Jesus. Break down every separating wall, pull down every fence, wreck all my plans, but make me like Jesus, my God.” Oh yes! Thank You, Jesus.

I am so blessed. You know, every night the Lord comes to me in the early morning hours and teaches me. Sometimes I forget the lessons. Sometimes I don’t remember it until I am speaking and then something flashes in my mind. Sometimes one message will go over and over for hours and hours and that is for you. But when He gives me a message for you, I am not fool enough to believe that I am exempt, because, you see, you must divide/separate the man or the woman from the gift. You are two different people and the gift of God is trying to make you like Christ. So, you are not like Christ yet, but the gift of God is working on you to make you what God wants you to be. Therefore, we are fellow travelers, except that one day He is going to stop the traveling and put everybody who wants to go one way on one side and who wants to go the other way on the other side. That is why He said that those who come in the morning get the same pay as those who come in the evening. The thief on the cross spent his entire life killing and murdering. He had a lowdown mind. But bless the Lord, he had eyes to see Jesus. The other man could see nothing but another thief hanging on the cross with him. But this man saw Jesus and he said, “Remember me, Oh God.”

Don’t you understand, beloved brethren, that righteousness is not how many times you pray or read your Bible, but it is how you submit to the Spirit of the Living God? Anybody could surpass all of us in righteousness tomorrow morning by just saying, “Yes, Jesus.” You know, sometimes, the poor little ones, those who we look at as weak and poor in the congregation, they are the ones that will be able to submit, because it is hard for the mighty big people who want to rule to submit. Thank You, Jesus.

It is such a pleasure to have Jesus using you. You know, sometimes I hear the music and I feel like dancing. There is something to dance about. Yes, sir. To know that God Almighty has forgiven my sins, my errors, my weaknesses. When I look at my weaknesses, I say to myself, “A wretched fellow you are.” Yes. I look at my grandfather and I look at my father and I feel like them. My mother would shake her finger in my face and say, “Don’t be like your father. He is a nasty man.” How would you like that? You would pretend that you didn’t understand and cover up your face but you well knew what she was talking about. Blessed be God Almighty.

It is good to obey the Holy Spirit. It is good to have the Spirit of the living God in you and to obey Him. When you feel rebellious and bad and the Spirit comes, it is good to straighten up and say, “Yes, Lord Jesus Christ. I am wrong.” A little song says:

Violent, full of sin I am
Thou art full of truth and grace
Plenteous grace with Thee is found
Grace to cover all my sins
Let the healing streams abound
Make it pure within

Praise God Almighty. Sometimes you sing those songs and they really bring a blessing. When I get up in the morning or in the night singing one of those songs, I know God is talking to me. And I know He is talking to you, too. Amen.

(Excerpt from Keeping in Touch, May 2009, pg. 28-29)

Thought for today: If you hope to be like Jesus, tell God. “I don’t want to be like Mary, John or Tom. I want to be like Jesus. This is my cry, Oh God. Break down every separating wall, pull down every fence, wreck all my plans, but make me like Jesus, my God.”

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Scripture reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:5-6

God Almighty has been speaking to us, His people, that our eyes are not in good condition. He showed me how we should repair our eyes. I look at the prophets, the prophets God has given us. Now, I am not talking about the two men that you know as prophets. I am talking about you. You know that the index finger represents the prophet. But all the sinews that go towards making this one finger move are in the prophetic ministry. The dreams and the visions and the thoughts that God is bringing through His people should channel a clean word of God’s intention, in this hour, to the world. But it seems that all our prophets are seeing is the dog in the back yard. Local. We are local. Do you know why we don’t see what God is doing? Because we can’t even see our own, how are we going to see out there? If you can’t see close/near, you are farsighted, but God is saying, “I do nothing unless I reveal it to my people.” Paul was saying that Jesus said, “No man knoweth the day nor the hour, but you are not like those that sleep in the night.” You are not like those who can’t see or can’t hear; God will let you know. He said, “It shall not come upon you as a thief in the night.” God will tell His people what He is doing.

Our situation is like Samson’s and how he got involved with Delilah. That was the bottom line, you know. He had been going down, going down, going down. He judged Israel for twenty years without being involved. Then he couldn’t take it any longer. He got Delilah and she took him down in the valley. There is so much of Delilah in so many of God’s people but we need to get the Delilah out of us. The Delilah was in Samson’s heart. Yes, it’s not Delilah that was bad. It’s Samson that was bad because he wanted a Delilah. Is your heart pulling you towards a Delilah? He was steady for twenty years, had no problem for twenty years and then he must have been looking at Delilah, watching her and finally he capitulated. Dagon is the god of erotic behavior (to be less explicit). That is where they took him. That is where he was going to make his grave.

God is talking to us. The same Spirit that is in your spirit, that makes it so we can function in the Spirit, is the same Spirit that God wants in our souls, that our minds should function normally in the mind of Christ, clean. God is saying to us, “Get rid of Delilah.”

Sisters, do you know what it means if a woman wants to wear pants? It means she wants to take over the house and rule. That is one part of the spirit of Delilah. The other part of it will follow. But God is saying that we, brothers and sisters, must get rid of the spirit of Delilah, for Samson had the spirit of Delilah as much as Delilah had the spirit of Delilah. We should probably not go too far with that. We will just leave it at that and leave the Holy Spirit to deal with His people.

(Excerpt from Keeping in Touch, May 2009, pg. 27-28)

Thought for today: God is saying to us, “Get rid of Delilah.”

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