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Scripture reading: Hebrews 11:1-6

Faith!  You must have faith, but your faith must be in something.  In other words, faith is a subsidiary weapon that cannot work by itself.  Let me say it again: Faith cannot work by itself!  You cannot have wild faith like the “Name It and Claim It” type.  That is a wild faith and it does not have substance in anything.  So, therefore, you have faith in a word.  I am going to give you an example. 

God anointed David to be king from when he was a young boy.  He told David, “You will be king over Israel.”  Now David knows that if God said he would be king then God could not allow him to be killed.  So later, young David faced Goliath with impunity knowing that his God will bring Goliath down.  He knew this, because God had told him he was supposed to be king down the road. 

Have you ever gotten a prophecy?  Do you remember in your mind what the prophecy said?  Do you know that the devil cannot kill you, because God gave you a prophecy that down the road you are going to be somebody?  Now, God does not say you can be presumptuous, go throw yourself over a precipice and say, “Well, God said I am going to be king (or queen), so therefore let me throw myself over this precipice, because God will keep me up.”  Presumptuous sin is against God. 

So therefore, you have a word from God.  If you do not have a word from God, go to God and get yourself a word.  Did you hear me?  Let every man of God, woman of God, child of God get a word from God that is absolutely, completely yours; and hold that word because there is a song that says, “When the storms of life are raging and you are tossed o’er sea and land, you will find a place of refuge in the hollow of His hand.” 

If you will take refuge under that word that God has given you, it will be “a lamp to your feet, and a light to your path” (Ref. Psalm 119:105).  It also says in Psalm 119:11, “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”   Glory to God! 

If God gives you a word, the word becomes a fortress and a weapon and something to hold on to.  And so, you must have faith in something.  You must have faith in a word of God and anybody who does not have a word, get one! 

I will give you a word.  When I was freshly saved, I did not know what salvation was and I did not know who God was.  When God came into my room, He gave me a word and He has given me the same word seven times.  He said, “As I was with Moses, so will I be with you.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  He also said, “No man shall stand before you all the days of your life.  Anywhere the soles of your feet tread upon that will I give to you.”  That is what He spoke to Joshua, but Jesus came to my room and He said it to me seven times.  There is no way or possibility of anybody ever discouraging me—any demon, any devil, any man!  Do you hear me?  The word of God has become a fortress and a monument in my soul.

Because of the word, the soul of man becomes a bulwark of God!  Do you hear me?  Your soul becomes a bulwark for God!  A walking, talking, conquering soul; not able to be defeated, because you have a word of God. 

So then, the faith of God must work with the word of God.  If God gives you a word, then you have faith.  If God gives you no word, then you have no faith.  You cannot have faith without having some foundation to your faith. 

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, January 1997, pg. 18-20)

Thought for today: Stand in faith on the word God has spoken to you.  If you have not a word or prophecy from Him, then go to God and let Him give you a personal word so that you can have foundation to your faith.

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Scripture reading: Matthew 27:27-37

The next weapon I am going to deal with is the weapon called the BLOOD.  I will tell you the truth and confess to you that I did not know that the Blood was a weapon.  I knew the song, “The Blood that cleanses me from day to day shall never lose its power,” but I did not know that I had the greatest weapon in the arsenal of God.  In order to operate the Blood weapon effectively, you must have this thing built in you.  You have to take the Blood passages from the Bible and you have to read them.  You have to memorize them; get them in your heart; get them in your mind.  You have to get them so that they will come forth unconsciously and fight for you. 

When I was a young Christian, I used to fast and pray.  Sometimes twenty-one days; sometimes ten days or two weeks; one time it was forty days.  I was just fasting—continuously fasting.  I had to fast, because I had lust, and desires, and evil things that I hated in my body!  I do not think you have those things in you and that is probably why you do not fast, but the things that I hated were the things that I had in me.  A young man asked me one day, “Do you mean, Brother Ces, that I am going to have to be fighting lust all through my life?”  I said, “No.  I got rid of lust when I was a young man and you can get rid of it in your youth, too.”  What does the Bible say about youthful lusts?  “Flee!”  That means you must run, for “flee” means to “run away from.”  It says, “Flee also youthful lusts” (II Timothy 2:22), and “…abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul” (I Peter 2:11).  Youthful lusts destroy the power of God in your ministry and in your life.  I do not know if you know that, but I got rid of it when I was young; God trained me; I did not go to Bible school.  That is why I want to train you and set you up now for the biggest battle of your life. 

Jesus came to me one day and said to me, “Come with Me.  I want to show you Calvary.”  I want you to hear what I am saying.  Jesus wanted to show me Calvary.  He took me from the time they gave Him the first blow (when the centurion slapped Him on His face with the back of his hand) to the crucifixion.  After the centurion’s blow, they beat Him with the cat-o’-nine tails.  That thing strips your back.  That was how the first Blood was drawn.  Then they took thorns and twisted them into a crown.  I do not know what you call it, but they are thorns that grow on a long string and you can wind the string into a crown.  Some people call it “crown of thorns,” some call it “Jerusalem thorn,” or something similar.  So, they made a crown of thorns and put it on His head.  A man took a rod, hit Him on the head (Matthew 27:29-30), and it fastened down like a pincushion—right through the flesh of the scalp. 

I am telling you what He showed me.  You need to be able to read the account of Jesus’ crucifixion and understand how the Blood was shed.  You need to get it embedded into your mind and into your heart.  Christ said that when we come to communion, we are to remember Him and this Blood (I Corinthians 11:24-26).  Remember!  Remember!  These are God-created barriers of memory in your soul.  Remember!  We are psychological creatures and there is no need to try to get away from that and there are certain things that have to be done to us in our minds in order to get us to be ready to move in God. 

The Blood came through the skin at the base of the head.  That is the first vision He gave me.  He then showed me all the abuse.  He showed me how they abused Him on the way with the cross and how He fell beneath the cross.  He told me that the worst thing that hurt Him was when one man spat in His face and He could not even wipe the saliva because His hands were bound.  Again, another time, one raised a hand and cried, “Crucify him!  Crucify Him!” and the hand that was raised was a hand that He had healed. 

I am just telling you how I learned the Blood.  He showed me all this concerning the time when He went to Calvary and how He was hung on the tree.  Brethren, after that got into my mind and I read through the account in the Bible, it became a permanent foundation in my heart. 

You need a permanent foundation of the Blood in you!  Do you know why?  The Blood is your life!  The Blood is your life!  God said that we in the last days are going to fight the last fight.  He said that you are going to fight.  Did you hear that?  The last fight—which God is ordaining a church to fight—He said that it is “…by the Blood” that you are going to overcome the enemy!  And it is not just the Blood alone, but He said, “…and by the word of their (your) testimony” (Revelation 12:11).

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, January 1997, pg. 13-15)

Thought for today: Read about the Blood of Jesus Christ in the Word and meditate on it until it becomes a permanent foundation in your heart. Only then you can face the greatest battle of mankind that is right ahead of us and be an overcomer.

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Scripture reading: II Thessalonians 2:1-10

God is bringing forth an army and this army is going to face some things that the men of old did not face.  Paul said in I Corinthians 15:32 that he fought “with beasts at Ephesus…after the manner (similitude) of men.”  Paul, however, never faced some of the things and the kind and the quality of man beasts that we are going to have to face in our time and in this end of the age.  God put it in the Word that it is at the end of the age that “the beast” is formed.  It is “THE” beast, not “a” beast.  Not “one of” the beasts, but the epitome of all the beasts—the beast of beasts.  The “666” is going to be formed before you come forth in Christ.  That means we have to face him before we get the deliverance.  We are asking God, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done…” in this earth, Lord God, “…as it is in heaven.”  We are going to have to face the beast before we get that deliverance!

Now what are we talking about?  We are talking about “666”—the fullness of man—all that man can be.  This will be the greatest man that ever walked the face of the earth.  This will be the man that is scientifically wise.  That is, he will be physically, mentally, and psychologically wise; powerful, and strong.  This man that is being created is the man who will have the fullness of all that man can be.  This is the man we face. 

We are facing this man in the people and in the very minds of the children.  The government now is fighting for the minds of the children.  If they can, they are going to make laws to get your children.  Home schooling is a bother to the government and to the plans of the One World Government.  Soon there will be no home schooling.  Soon they will take your children from you and teach them what they must know and your children will have such scientific knowledge that they will be so high above you that you will not be even able to cope with what they teach them.  Look at what the kids can do with computers.  When you were kids, you did not know anything about that, but the thing is coming to a head.  Therefore, God told me some secrets concerning the man He wants us to be, in order to be able to combat the “man of sin” (Ref. II Thessalonians 2:3-4) and to combat everything that is coming forth in the world to overtake and overcome us. 

They do not believe they are going to be overcome by us.  They believe they are going to overcome us!  We, therefore, must know that we were born to be the dwelling place of God!  We were born to be the home of the Spirit of God.  We must know that no man can cope with a man who is filled with the Spirit.  A man who is filled with the Spirit is absolutely not even man.  He is beyond man!  He will perceive what man cannot perceive.  He will rise to any occasion. 

We think of Daniel.  They were going to kill him, because the order went out to kill all the wise men (the magicians and soothsayers) and they had classified Daniel among these.  They said, “Kill them!”  The man who was to kill him came to him to tell him what his fate was.  Daniel said, “Tell the king not to be so hasty, but to give me a little time.”  Daniel believed in his God.  I want you to hear what Daniel said.  He said, “Give me a little time and I will tell him what his dream was.”  Daniel had no doubt that his God was going to tell him so he went down into prayer and fasting and God came to him in the night and told him and He showed him the dream of Nebuchadnezzar.  Daniel was immediately exalted above humans.  He was exalted above the scientists.  He was exalted above the great soothsayers.

Did I talk about different guns?  Different weapons of warfare?  Different men who handle different weapons?  If tanks are coming against you, do you grab your rifle and shoot the tanks?  No!  You had better get out of the way and get something heavier.  You had better get somebody who handles a heavier thing like a bazooka or something similar to it in order to hit those tanks.  You do not stand up and shoot a tank with your little gun.  This is the reason why God is telling us now the secrets of how to get our guns to be bigger and how to fight the warfare that He is preparing for us. 

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, January 1997, pg. 4-6)

Thought for today: We cannot fight our enemy in these last days with the small weapons we have been using so far. Let us go before God and have Him increase the power of our guns so that we will overcome the enemy and not be overcome by him.

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Scripture reading: II Corinthians 1-5

I want to give you a revelation that God has given to me.  Many of you know how we have walked through many dark places and have overcome many evil spirits. But what you do not know is that we had been trained by God step-by-step over these years on how to build a foundation in order to be able to stand in the storm.  I will explain it to you; I am going to share with you about “The Weapons of Our Warfare.” 

Every man who goes to war must be equipped with weaponry and he must be practiced in handling his weapons, or else he has no right in a war.  There are different types of weapons and there are different types of people who use the different types of weapons.  In war, you have men who fire the big guns; then, you have men who fire small guns and men who use explosives.  Each man has his particular department wherein he is an expert.  When you need explosives, you do not go fooling around putting explosives together.  You call in the group of men who are used to handling explosives.  We are talking about the Body of Christ.  You do not go to war without all the people and the equipment you need.  You do not go to war without the explosives men, without the gunners, without the bombardiers, without the airplanes and the pilots that fly the planes, without the ships.  All these are absolutely necessary in a war and no one man is going to handle all that equipment.  Therefore, God is calling a body of people together.  In order to survive and to overcome, this body of people must recognize one another.  When there is a situation where I need bombardment, I must call in the gunners, give them the coordinates of where to drop the shells, because that is where the enemy will be hurt the most.  I must know what kind of a battle it is and I must have a knowledge of my own capabilities. 

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty….”  If these weapons are so mighty, why is it that so many of us are being chewed up by the enemy?  Why is it that so many of us are being knocked down, or hurt, or destroyed by the enemy?  Why is it that so many of us cannot see where we are now in time?  Why is it that so many of us cannot perceive the goodness of God and see what God is doing at this hour?  How come, if our weapons are so powerful, so many of us are going to miss it? 

OUR WEAPONS ARE ONLY POWERFUL WHEN WE BELIEVE IN THEM.  Yes!  You have to trust the man in the bomber to come and drop the bombs in the right places.  You have to trust the man who is firing the missiles over your head.  You have to trust him that he is going to fire over your head and hit the enemy.  You have to trust the other men.  Your life is in the hands of all the others and their lives are in your hands. 

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, January 1997, pg. 2-4)

Thought for today: Let us trust our fellow soldiers and pray that they as well as us use the weapons of our warfare effectively.

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