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Scripture reading: Revelation 12:7-11). 

In every type of warfare, in order to be effective and to win, one must know the enemy.  There are two basic tricks that Satan plays on humanity:

1.  He appeals to the carnal mind to deny his existence and hides his work to convince the carnal mind that it is just natural and sometimes coincidental.  He did it to Eve, and tried it with Jesus. 

2.  He intimidates some, convincing them of the greatness of his prowess.

The time has come as never before in the history of mankind for the saints to fight and to overcome the devil.  In the heat of the battle, when one is oppressed with all manner of circumstances and what seems to be coincidences, one is apt to think, “Why me?”  When, however, we understand the nature of the battle, we will rejoice at the wonderful implications which it portends. 

The first glorious implication that we will deal with in the passage of scripture from Revelation 12 is that portion where it is written, “…neither was their place found any more in heaven.”  If we rightly assume that the word “heaven” in this rendition is speaking of the kingdom of God and that this dimension of the kingdom is referring to the kingdom within us (Ref. Luke 17:21), then this verse would be saying that Satan and his angels had a place in us, but that at some time in the history of the Church they will lose that place.  If then, time is so far spent that we are at the end of the sixth day and within a few short years the seventh day or seventh millennium must dawn, then it is now time for us to be totally delivered from every evil spirit of darkness. 

In order to achieve this, there must be a travail (Revelation 12:2).  The travail of the Church is the war that we are experiencing at this time.  The only pattern that this attack has is that it is satanic.  The war has no boundaries, nor venue.  The enemy is using every element, every devil, and every person who can be used against us.  The war is total.  Every weakness, which in time past was permitted to lodge within us and had a place in us, is being exploited and there is no place to hide.  The families are under attack as never before.  The children are under attack as never before.  The husbands who could hide their weakness behind the skirts of their wives are being exposed and the wives who were hiding behind the masculinity of their husbands are being exposed.  Our only hiding place now is in Christ. 

Sin has lost its hiding place in us.  Only true repentance will set us free from imbibed or besetting sin, for now is the time when the fullness of salvation shall come to us.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, December 1991, pg. 1-2)

Thought for today: Let us fall before the Lord and repent before Him from every sin which doth so easily beset us so that we may find our hiding place in Christ.

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