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Scripture reading: Acts 2:1-4

Let us talk about the fire today. In the Bible the fire fell three times. We are talking about the Holy Spirit fire because there were other fires also. There was a fire that fell in Sodom and Gomorrah and we do not want that fire, although we are going to get it. The fire that we are talking about is the Holy Spirit fire. It is the fire that lifts you from one realm, from one dimension of God’s creation, to another realm, and to the very highest realm where you become like God.

God is taking the dirt, and He is going to make the dirt immortal. Immortal Dirt – that’s what we are. He is going to make this dirt immortal, and out of the immortality of the dirt He says in 1 Corinthians 15:54, “And this mortal shall put on immortality when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption….”

This is the point in which you can’t be corrupted any more. When you have attained, you can’t be killed any more. And I am saying, brethren, it is just years down the road before this company of people walk into immortality. IF THAT IS THE CASE, WHY ARE WE SO WORRIED ABOUT NATURAL THINGS? We should be putting all of our hearts and souls INTO that immortal investment. Oh God, help us! God help us! Amen.

Let us go back to the fire. It fell three times. The first time it fell was when Moses obeyed God. He said, “Attend to every detail, every iota of what I tell you to do, DO IT, and build this TABERNACLE according to the pattern that I have shown you in the mountain.” (Exodus 25:9). The man could neither eat nor drink water for forty days while God was instructing his soul and engraving a pattern into his soul. God was drawing a pattern of a building that he should make into his soul, so Moses could not forget one detail of what God had said. Then when Moses instructed the children of Israel and said, “Do this”, or “Do that”, and somebody said, “Well, I can do it another way,” Moses replied, “NO! Throw it away. Do it this way.” Because God told him how to make the tabernacle.

I wonder, “Why?” “Why?” “Why did God go through so many details to make the tabernacle?” No man knew. It was one of the mysteries and one of the secrets. But when Moses did it, the Bible says, “When he finished the work, he dedicated it to God.” He said, “Lord, here is what you told me to do.” And God said, “Amen.” And when God said, “Amen,” fire fell down from heaven, and burnt up the wood. The fire then remained in that tabernacle for 490 years. (Exodus 40)

Nadab and Abihu came in and they messed around with God’s fire. They took fire from their house, brought it into the tabernacle and put it on God’s fire. Then they went into the Holy Place and lighted the lamp with their fire. After that they went to the Altar of Incense but an explosion occurred and it killed them right there, it struck them dead. (Leviticus 10) And you wonder, what is this that God is talking about?

God is saying that no “strange fire” must come into His tabernacle. No “strange fire” must come into the House of God.

(Excerpt from Breaking Through the Veil, a message given in July 2006 in Illinois)

Thought for today: Let us put all of our hearts and souls into the immortal investment and not be worried about natural things. God will take care of everything we need.

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