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By Mavis M. duCille

Scripture reading: Judges 7:1-7

We must lay hold of the inheritance and the possessions that God has made available to us! Without fear! Because, if you remember, there were certain things which disqualified some when Gideon was leading the army into victory, and God began to sift out of the many who were with him at the first. He said, “Those that are afraid….” Those who were afraid were the first ones to be sifted out, “…And those who have their hearts and minds on business at home.” Because you cannot serve two masters—you have to be sold out!

The final test was given to those who lapped the water, and God is now doing a sifting and eventually, by a simple process – by breaking the vessel that the light might shine forth. It confused the enemy, threw them off guard, and gave the people of God the victory! Praise God!

God is now saying, “If you are afraid, then you do not qualify for this final battle. If you have your mind on something else, you do not qualify; and if you are not submissive to the Spirit of God, totally and completely, you do not qualify!”

God is doing a sifting, and we must be ready. We must be watchful. We must be diligent, so that we can be numbered among those who God is choosing at this hour for the final victory. Praise God!

There is a little song which says:

“Enter into Canaan. Possess your possession, and I will go before you, saith the Lord.

The city walls are high! But you shall see them crumble.

The giants may be tall, but you shall see them stumble.

Enter into Canaan. Possess your possession, and I will go before you, saith the Lord.”

So let us remember that we must keep our inheritance and our possession continually before our eyes.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, July 2000)

Thought for today: Let us be watchful and diligent so that we can qualify to be chosen by God for the final victory.

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