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By Mavis M. duCille

Scripture reading: John 14:30

There is a song that we sing, which says, “I am going to see the King.” But it should really say, “I am going to BE as the king!” That is what the Lord is waiting on us for. To BE – to BE what He has called us to BE! Amen. It doesn’t matter how much we sing, how much we read, how much we preach, how much whatever we do – if it does not create in us that nature for which Jesus died, we are wasting our time. We are wasting our time and energy and everything else that God has given, we are casting it off.

SO WE HAVE TO AIM TO BE LIKE HIM in everything that we do; every utterance that we make, to be like Him. We can say a lot of things, because talk is cheap. We don’t have to pay very much for it. BUT we have to pay ALL for the life that we ought to live before the LORD. The “pearl of greatest price” (Matthew 13:46) demands that we sell all. Sell ALL. WE have nothing of ourselves, nothing to hold on to. Nothing that we can even bargain with. We have nothing but HIM. We have to get to that place where we are totally sold out. Sold out, that when the enemy comes knocking at our door, we are not there. He is risen. He is not dead. He is risen. And that is what we have to aim after.

Many times we sing many songs, and it appeals to our emotions, and we think that we are there, but we are not – not until it has worked the perfect work of salvation and deliverance in our souls – then the enemy comes and has nothing in us. That is what Jesus said in His last hours. He said, “The enemy comes and has nothing in me” (John 14:30). That is what He is bringing us into – that when the enemy comes, he has nothing in us, he has no place to tempt us. Even in trials, tribulations, troubles, and everything that we sing about – that is to be the focus. If we have focus on anything else, we are losing the game; we are missing the mark; we are batting hard, but not hitting the mark.

So praise God. We are hoping that when we meet together in the meeting settings, it will bring us closer to reality rather than to generalities; to that which makes us what we ought to be. So that when we leave, when we are by ourselves, or when we are anywhere else, the Blood of Jesus is still standing strong in our souls, that we cannot deny Him as Peter did. “I don’t know the man. I never saw him” (Luke 22:57). But after he met Jesus, Jesus told Him, “When thou art converted, strengthen the brethren” (Luke 22:32).

So there is a certain place that we ought to reach in the Lord, where Satan cannot reach us. And that is what we are to aim for. When we come to meetings, when we gather together, we have to shake off the old-man; shake off the old-deeds; old-doctrine; old sayings; old everything – and let the newness of Christ reign in our hearts, reign at home, reign at work, reign in our business.

I have heard a lot of business people say, “But this is business.” Where is God? Where is Christ? He is to be foremost in our business; foremost in our home; foremost in our marriage. Now there is something that I would like to speak on, because a lot of people think that they are married, but they are only marred – marred by the enemy – stamped by the enemy, because we have been given its stamp, and we are going by that stamp.

But the Word, the Word is a Light, and a lamp unto our feet (Psalms 119:105) and it is plain for everybody, and clear for every stage of life, every stage, from before you were born. There is a word for the unborn child. When you are born, there is a word for you and your parents together. When you are married, there is a word for you that is everlasting. Not for a time, it is everlasting, when the Lord said, “Till death do us part,” He means it! He doesn’t mean that next month, or when things don’t feel right.

So there is a word for every stage of life and that is what we are to lay a hold of. Fix it in your place where you are and it will be life and light unto you. God bless you!

(Excerpt from Jamaica Conference, December 31, 2006)

Thought for today: There is a certain place that we ought to reach in the Lord, where Satan cannot reach us. And that is what we are to aim for.

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