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Scripture reading: Joel 2:28-32

Visions and dreams are common in and out of the Church, and there is no one issue more controversial among us than the issue of dreams and visions. Most of us will accept the fact that other people do have dreams and visions from the wrong sources, but it is difficult to get anyone to believe that his or her dream or vision is from the wrong source. Nevertheless, as the Church matures, many of us are beginning to look objectively upon our own dreams and visions, and it would be well that we follow the golden rule of dreams and visions: NEVER INTERPRET YOUR OWN.

The Scripture is very explicit in its instructions concerning dreams and visions. They are rated as a part of prophecy, and the prophets of old frequently spoke the Word of God from dreams and visions. However, evil workers equally prophesy from dreams and visions. It is therefore necessary that someone anointed of the Lord interpret our dreams and visions, and that when this is done, if we also have the Spirit of the Lord with us, then we should feel a satisfaction from within that we have heard the Word of the Lord.

Let us look at some of the more famous scriptural dreams.

JOSEPH: In Genesis 37, we read that Joseph had two dreams, which had one and the same meaning. He was binding sheaves, and his brothers’ eleven sheaves bowed down to his. In the second dream, the sun, the moon and eleven stars bowed down to him. Jacob, his father, interpreted the dreams rather indignantly, that he and Joseph’s mother and his brothers were going to bow down to him. His brothers took action against him, and sold him as a slave. The dream, however, came to pass when Joseph became ruler of Egypt, next to Pharaoh; after he had interpreted Pharaoh’s dream and saved Egypt and the surrounding countries from starvation during the seven years of drought.

DANIEL: Daniel 2 shows that Daniel not only interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, but he also told him what the dream was.

PAUL: In a vision, Paul saw a man of Macedonia saying, “Come over and help us,” which turned out to be correct.

JOEL: In Joel 2, the prophet Joel, speaking of the people of the end time, said, “…your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.” This was equated with the pouring out of the Spirit of God upon the people. In Acts 2, Peter made reference to this prophecy of Joel that it was then coming to pass as prophesied; but certain parts of the prophecy were not fulfilled (“…blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke”), which means that they are yet to come to pass.

We have already learned in previous writings that dreams and visions come from three sources: (1) God, (2) the devil, and (3) the human mind. Therefore, it is for the Church to judge where a particular vision is coming from, and to whom it speaks, and for what time it is applicable.

In our next devotional we will look at a vision from a man named Tommy Hicks. This man was one of the anointed servants of God, who was mightily used of God in the United States and in Russia. His vision is particularly pertinent at this time, because we are so close to the implementation of certain facets of it by God. We will, therefore, look very closely, first at the vision, and then at the details which are coming to pass at this time.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, August 1989)

Thought for today: Many of us are beginning to look objectively upon our own dreams and visions and following the golden rule of dreams and visions: NEVER INTERPRET YOUR OWN.

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