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Scripture reading: Psalm 15:1

We are for the most part all striving for excellence in God. Our eyes are set upon the Mark of the High Calling which God has set for us to attain unto. Every soul is prescribed a different route by which he might attain to this mark therefore it hurts God’s purpose for one person to force others to do things by his own method.

There is a question asked – who shall abide in God’s dwelling place? Many will enter, but who will make it their Permanent Abode? The Hebrew word used in this passage suggests not only an overnight dweller, but one making God’s Holy Hill his home – his permanent dwelling place.

It is possible that God can dwell in a person but that person not dwell in God. It is possible that a person can have God in him and yet that person cannot abide in the presence of God for long. The presence of God is sometimes unbearable to some of us some of the time.

Moses absorbed so much of God’s glory that his face shone when he descended from the mountain, and I do believe that God had to greatly insulate himself in darkness – thick darkness – in order that Moses could stand His presence. On one occasion when Moses asked God to let him see his face, the Lord covered him up in a rock with His hand, and when he removed His covering hand, Moses saw His back parts going away from him.

John the revelator looked upon the Glory of God shining from an angel (one of the saints used as a messenger) and was struck to the ground, having no strength to lift himself up.

Who will dwell in the Holy Hill of God? The answer to these questions will give us the formula prescribed of God for the Overcomers. The thought we will examine today is found in Psalm 15:2a, “He that walketh uprightly.”

We would say that walking uprightly means living with integrity. Webster dictionary describes integrity as: Unimpaired moral principles; honesty; soundness; the quality of being whole or undivided. Spiritual Integrity goes far beyond Webster’s dictionary, because integrity in the Spirit has a more profound meaning than any moral concept dictates. The deep seated Christ likeness of the soul is not a moral effort but a metamorphosis taking place in the soul of the individual, which lifts the man from his basic human habitat towards the Divine.

The word “walk” means a continuous living experience. It is possible to be righteous sometimes, and not always righteous. “Walketh”, suggests a continuous, steady, on-going relationship with God in uprightness.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, August 1983)

Thought for today: Will you abide in God’s dwelling place and make it your permanent abode?

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