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Scripture reading: Psalm 15:3

Early in my Christian walk I discovered that God hated backbiting very, very much. His expressions to me concerning this and His rebuke of me when I enter into it was so severe that I had to begin to seek into it and what it really did. In my search I discovered an amazing and almost unbelievable situation:

In the human realm demons have little or no authority. Their only authority comes from human beings. They have no life or energy unless they receive it from the source of all energy which is God. They cannot face God, because His light and His glory is too much for them; they cannot return to heaven, therefore, they must receive their sustenance by tempting humans to submit to them, then feeding upon the energy and using the authority of man. The more authority one has the more they will get if you submit to them; the more energy one has, the more they will get if you submit to them.

Whenever one submits to a demon or devil through lust or evil desires, then that person can be used of that devil to do his devilish work. Thus whether the person be a believer or not, he or she temporarily joins the hosts of hell and becomes a pawn in their hands to do their work. Before I proceed, let me give you scriptures to prove that Christians do work in the church as demons:

I Timothy 3:11, “Even so must their wives be grave, not slanderers” (Gr. diabolous = Devil – used for Satan himself) “sober, faithful in all things.”

2 Timothy 3:3, “Without natural affection, implacable, slanderers …” (Gr. diaboloi = Devil)

Titus 2:3, “The aged women likewise, that they be in behavior as becometh holiness, not false accusers,” (Gr. diabolous) “not given to much wine, teachers of good things.”

This evil is widespread in the church. I find brethren involved so much in backbiting that they do not know that they are backbiting. They will approach you and say, “Let us pray for brother so and so,” and before you know you are listening to all his business.

I find some brethren so inquisitive about other people’s business that they go to lengths to find out all they can about one another.

Knowing about the affairs of another involves you legally from God’s point of view. God does not tell people about other people’s faults unless He knows that that person will lay down his life for the other. Any word which comes in the spirit and it puts down another is not of God.

There are slandering spirits working in our midst. We can drive them away by obeying the word of God. If there is anything told you about a brother or sister, then you have to try to help that person and never cover up for the person who tells you. “Now I am going to tell you something, but don’t tell anyone.” Your answer to that is, “Please do not tell me.” If you listen, then you become a bond slave of the spirits that tell.

I know ministries which go from place to place with the intention of carrying good news, but their intentions are continuously frustrated by demons which cause them to make trouble everywhere they go. They talk about the brethren and destroy and devour one another.

Devils of lust must find devils of lust in people upon which they feed. “Diabolous” must find “diabolous” in you to be able to feed on you. When a slander or talker or just a good brother or sister being used of the devil is finished with you, you lose your peace and torment takes place of the comforting Spirit of the Holy Ghost. It leaves you weaker and open to attack from other spirits.

(Excerpt from The Omega Message, August 1983)

Thought for today: Do not give in to the spirit of slander but drive them away by obeying the word of God.

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