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Scripture reading: Matthew 21:22

The Word that I am seeing before me is the church functioning in its place. However, there is a bad habit among us: Everybody wants to do something else besides what God wants us to do.

I never forgot the musician, the pianist in Gatlinburg that came to me when I was out there preaching. He said to me, “What can I do? What can I do to really please God?” I said, “Son, fast tomorrow, and come into the meeting. Pray to God that He would use you as a musician.” I had never seen anything like that. The young man was so energetic and wanted to see God use him. He got in the church building as the first one. It was about six o’clock in the evening and the meeting was supposed to start at seven. He got in, jumped on that piano, and began to play; he just played from his soul. People came into the door, but they didn’t go to their seats. Nobody passed that door. They came and fell at the altar. The service started with an altar call. Everybody was weeping. The man was just playing; nobody was even singing!

You must believe in divine power. I see some of us don’t believe in power. You see, God taught me how to believe in power, how to pray before coming to service. My wife, Mavis, and I prayed for six souls one night and we came in to the church building and it was empty. Nobody came that night! But we started to sing and to praise God and somebody came in and went to the altar. Another one came in – six people came in to the altar and were saved that night. Divine power! DIVINE POWER! Begin to use this power, brethren. Begin to use this power! God has anointed some of you to pray; you have the greatest power in the church, and nobody notices you. You have the power to pray and ask God to move according to your prayer.

I remember when I used to love to see people get knocked down on the floor. You know, we go through all these stages. I was a young man. The first day that God called me, I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and went into a Holy Quietness Church, and the whole church fell down flat on the floor and couldn’t get up. After that, I kind of felt that everywhere I went, people must fall down on the floor. You know, when you touch the person and the person doesn’t fall down, you have the tendency to give him a little “help,” (you push a bit). In fighting, there is a hold that you use in which you touch a person on his forehead. Anybody that you touch on his head like that has to go back and falls. I see them doing it in churches, putting their hands on the people, on their foreheads. It used to be Jujitsu in those days (note: Jujitsu is a Japanese martial art and a method of close combat). I would touch you on your forehead and you fell down. But you know, one day God came to me and said, “What do you really want? Do you want to humble the people so they fall down? Or do you want to bless them?” I said, “I want to bless them.” From that day on, rarely anybody fell down in my service because I wanted to bless them. I don’t especially want them to fall down. That doesn’t gratify me anymore. I just want to BLESS them. And that should be the desire of all of us – to bless the people of God.

(Excerpt from Keeping in Touch, December 2006, pg. 9-10)

Thought for today: You have the power to pray and ask God to move according to your prayer. Begin to use this power!

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